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Wholesale Washers

Are you looking to purchase wholesale washers for your residential establishment? If so, look no further than Ambar Distributors as your one-stop shop. We stock a wide range of washers to suit many different needs and budgets – you can be sure to find what you are looking for when you shop with us.

About Our Wholesale Washers

Washers are an important part of every modern household. Used for cleaning laundry, washers can be said to be a modern convenience, saving us much needed time and energy as compared to handwashing exclusively. In contrast with dry cleaning, a washer enables individuals and households to do laundry from the comfort of their own homes or apartments. Today, there are many different types of washers such as top loaders and front loaders, and they come with a range of capacities.

Types of Wholesale Washers

At Ambar Distributors, we stock wholesale washers from a wide range of brands, including:

  • Wholesale Magic Chef Washers
  • Wholesale Samsung Washers
  • Wholesale Summit Washers
  • Wholesale Electrolux Washers
  • Wholesale Amana Washers
  • Wholesale Whirlpool Washers
  • Wholesale Hotpoint Washers
  • Wholesale Maytag Washers
  • Wholesale LG Washers
  • Wholesale Fisher & Paykel Washers
  • … and more!

Who Should Get Our Wholesale Washers?

Are you looking to purchase wholesale washers from a reliable distributor? Below is a list of clients who should get our wholesale washers:

  • Apartment complex managers: Whether there is a launderette shared by residents or one washer to each apartment, you can benefit from great savings with our wholesale prices!
  • Residential builders: Washers are a must when it comes to equipping and furnishing your new residential build. Get wholesale washers from Ambar Distributors today.
  • Corporate housing providers: Give your employees and residents the best. When you get wholesale washers, you can deck out the launderette in each building or every household with the required necessities.
  • Property managers: Whether you are in charge of one property or multiple, washers are a must in every household. You can get a few of the same model or mix and match to fit your residents’ needs – all at competitive wholesale prices!

To be comfortable in a shared apartment complex or residential property, your residents will need high-quality washers that do the job. Available in a range of brands and models, you can turn to Ambar Distributors for all your washer needs.

Why Buy Wholesale Washers from Ambar Distributors?

Ambar Distributors is a wholesale distributor that specializes in high-volume B2B orders. If you are looking to purchase wholesale washers for the residential property or apartment complex you manage, come to us. We are able to supply you with an assortment of brands and products, no matter your preferences and individual requirements. Since our inception in 2009, we have been providing our clients with high-quality appliances at friendly prices. When you shop with us, you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money without compromising on quality.

For more information about our wholesale washers, do not hesitate to call us at (786) 785-9691 | (786) 299 5963 or email us at