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Wholesale Summit Refrigerators

Ambar Distributors is stocked with the latest and the most innovative appliances in technology. We pride ourselves as a licensed reseller and distributor that supplies an extensive collection of refrigerators and other electrical appliances from different brands to provide businesses with the luxury of choice. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase the Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers in bulk, look no further as we are a one-stop destination for all your commercial needs.

About Wholesale Summit Refrigerators

Summit has one of the widest range of refrigerators in the market and has been the leading supplier of professional, commercial, specialty refrigerators. The brand’s focus has always been centered on manufacturing innovative products with cutting-edge technology coming in a wide range of different sizes suited for customers’ unique requirements and needs. In addition, Summit has always been dedicated to designing appliances that provide style, performance, and function that can fit a variety of residential and commercial environments such as homes, officials, hospitals, hotels.

Notable Features of Wholesale Summit Refrigerators

Summit specializes in creating an extensive collection of refrigerators that are suited for different settings such as small kitchens, commercial and foodservice establishments, hotels and lodgings, and healthcare and life science industries due to their energy efficiency that provides value-for-money. The brand’s full range of refrigerators is ENERGY STAR qualified. At the same time, the commercial models comply with the ADA and NSF standards for food-safe and sanitary contact, making them suitable for a range of businesses in different industries.

Additionally, the refrigerators perform at a maximum function and optimum levels while being space-efficient, occupying smaller footprints and coming in under-counter and refrigerator-freezers options that measure in increments of 6″, 12″. 15″, 18″, 20″, 24″, and 30″ for varying capacity loads.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Summit Refrigerators?

Summit refrigerators are a top choice for many stakeholders in different industries due to their versatility in residential and commercial applications. Offering a diverse range of options when it comes to electronics is key to attracting prospective customers and maximizing revenue and profit. Therefore, electronic appliance store owners should stock the Summit Refrigerators to provide homeowners and business owners the luxury of choice that meets their needs and requirements.

The hospitality and healthcare sectors can also benefit from purchasing bulk quantities of Summit refrigerators due to their suitability for different cold storage applications. For instance, hotels and lodging require mini-fridges to accommodate complimentary refreshments for distinguished guests. Restaurants need refrigerators to extend the lifespan of their food stock and produce for longer terms. Medical laboratories also require cold storage for live specimens and medicines such as vaccines.

Residential property and real estate agents should procure refrigerators to refurbish houses for home viewing by prospective tenants and customers. This is vital to elevate the livability and homeliness to clinch valuable property deals. 

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Summit Refrigerators?

Coming from Miami, Florida, Ambar Distributors has been one the most reliable direct factory wholesale distributors since 2009. Our team of professional and outstanding customer service representatives is always dedicated to meeting the commercial needs of our clients. Most importantly, We are committed to making the best recommendations that suit your preferences and needs. We are a one-stop platform that offers our clients competitive prices and specializes in selling bulk quantities of the Wholesale Summit Refrigerators.

For more information about purchasing wholesale Summit Refrigerators from Ambar Distributors, please feel free to contact us today.