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Do you require wholesale stoves for your commercial establishment? If so, Ambar Distributors is your trusted one-stop shop that always delivers timely and reliably. When you shop with us, you can find many trusted brands in our wide selection of wholesale stoves.

About Our Wholesale Stoves

Stoves are mainly used for cooking food, and its appearance have evolved over the years. A stove usually consists of multiple heating elements, which receive energy via electrical outlets or by burning fuel. While every modern household is sure to have a stove today, hospitality establishments that serve food will need several to meet the needs of their customers. They may even need different models of stoves for different types of food.

Types of Wholesale Stoves

At Ambar Distributors, we stock wholesale stoves from a wide range of brands, including:

  • Wholesale Café Stove
  • Wholesale Bosch Stove
  • Wholesale GE Stove
  • Wholesale Profile Stove
  • Wholesale Fisher & Paykel Stove
  • Wholesale Summit Stove
  • Wholesale Premium Stove
  • Wholesale Samsung Stove
  • Wholesale Magic Chef Stove
  • Wholesale KitchenAid Stove
  • … and more!

Who Should Get Our Wholesale Stoves?

Looking to purchase wholesale stoves at a competitive rate? Below is a list of clients who should get our wholesale stoves:

  • Electronic stores: Every customer who walks through your doors will be looking for a different type of stove to match their lifestyle and unique needs. From models with two heating elements for individuals and couples to larger ones for families, stocking a variety of stoves will ensure that you are able to supply your customers with a stove that suits their needs.
  • Hospitality and commercial clients: Without doubt, being able to serve up piping hot food on time is a priority for hospitality establishments such as restaurants and pubs. Most hotels also come with adjoining pubs and restaurants. Depending on the size of your establishment and the type of food you serve, you may require a few different types of stoves.
  • Property managers: If you are furnishing a property to make it livable and enticing for tenants, a stove is a must have. At the very least, tenants should be able to cook and prepare their own food in any property you rent out.

Why Buy Wholesale Stoves from Ambar Distributors?

Are you a commercial establishment looking to make a high-volume order of wholesale stoves? If so, you have come to the right place at Ambar Distributors. Regardless of your individual needs, preferences and requirements, we can recommend the best products to suit your needs. We stock stoves from many trusted brands in the industry so you can be sure of finding everything you need when you shop with us. Since our inception in 2009, we have been supplying clients with top quality products at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to you includes exceptional customer service as well as top value for money.

For more information about our wholesale stoves, do not hesitate to call us at (786) 785-9691 | (786) 299 5963 or email us at