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Wholesale Profile Refrigerators

Refrigerators are the heart of any food-based business. They can be amongst the most utilized appliance of the day, and they hold everything; from condiments to drinks to raw ingredients. Run your business with the right refrigerators to meet your company’s needs by shopping for Profile refrigerators with Ambar Distributors. As direct distributors of Profile refrigerators, we can offer our customers the best rates on high-quality products that are certain to meet your enterprises’ demands. So, if you’re shopping for Profile refrigerators, come check us out!

About Wholesale Profile Refrigerators

Profile refrigerators are designed those who are willing to spend a little extra on a high-end device that will function as a workhorse for their entire kitchen. Their models are extremely durable, reliable, and extremely energy efficient. Not only that, but Profile refrigerators are simple to operate and very user-friendly. For all these reasons and more, we have partnered ourselves with Profile to act as direct wholesale distributors of their products. We bring you their appliances directly from the factory to cut on costs and give you better savings.

Notable Features of Wholesale Profile Refrigerators

Profile refrigerators exude class and elegance with their clean, streamlined, and minimalistic look. Their refrigerators come in a variety of colors, sizes, and price ranges, so you are certain to find something that meets your company’s needs.

Profile refrigerators are known for their cutting-edge technology when it comes to refrigerators. Some of their models come installed with built-in Wi-Fi operation which can be linked up with external systems such as Amazon’s Alexa. Their touchscreen panels can be used to monitor and keep up with the inventory within the fridge, which can be extremely handy in giving you a cursory glance at how you’re doing with supplies when it comes to your weekly stock-take.

Profile refrigerators also come with a bunch of small additions that are designed to vastly improve the quality of life of the user. Features like their showcase LED lighting ensures that you can always clearly see everything in your fridge, no matter how full it is. Profile’s Turbo Cool setting ensures that even if you open the refrigerator many times an hour, the temperature within will remain at a constant. This can do much to preserve the freshness of your products and reduce the risk of spoilage or contamination.

If you’re a restaurant owner that cares about preserving the quality and freshness of your frozen products, you’ll especially love Profile’s Frost Guard (adaptive defrost) technology. Frost Guard tech uses complex algorithms based on variables such as how often you open your fridge, periods of door opening, and much more, to determine the necessary times in a day to defrost as well as the duration of defrost cycles. It does all of this without any manual input! Not only that, but Frost Guard makes use of a pre-chill function to actively reduce temperatures prior to defrosting, which allows for efficient temperature maintenance after the defrosting cycle is complete. This actively reduces freezer burn and keeps your frozen meats fresh and well preserved.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Profile Refrigerators?

Shop for Profile refrigerators if:

  • You want to increase energy savings by installing a new energy-efficient appliance in your business.
  • You want to upgrade your older refrigerators to incorporate new Wi-Fi-based smart tech.
  • You want a smart appliance that makes kitchen management so much simpler.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Profile Refrigerators?

When it comes to wholesale needs, you simply can’t go wrong with Ambar Distributors. If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Profile refrigerators from Ambar Distributors, feel free to contact us today.