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Wholesale Profile Microwaves

Ambar Distributors is your go-to place for wholesale Profile microwaves and other top-quality B2B appliances. We source the appliances from leading manufacturers and brands and have an extensive selection of high-quality home and kitchen appliances for your commercial needs. You can look forward to enjoying these exceptional wholesale appliances at competitive rates to support your business operations.

About Wholesale Profile Microwaves

Wholesale Profile microwaves come in various designs, features, sizes, and technology. You can choose from a wide range of microwaves to best fit your commercial needs. Profile microwaves are known for their reliability, affordable price points, and top-notch speed of heating. They also operate quietly and have an excellent rating in heat evenness tests.

Notable Features of Wholesale Profile Microwaves

Wholesale Profile microwaves have various features that make your cooking experience easier and more efficient. They also allow you to whip up the perfect dish. Some of the notable features include weight and time defrost, sensor cooking controls, glass touch controls, 10 power levels, charcoal filter, 400CFM venting system, convection cooking, and more.

The glass touch controls feature a smooth glass design that is easy to clean and use. The weight and time defrost makes defrosting your food much easier as you only have to enter the weight of the food, and the microwave will automatically set the optimum defrosting power level and time. The 400CFM venting system also removes smoke, steam, and odors to make your cooking experience pleasant and fresh.

Wholesale Profile microwaves come with various power options to offer cooking flexibility. Some models also feature a convection cooking option for you to bake and have a convection rack that evenly distributes heat through proper air circulation via convection cooking for golden-brown results.

Our microwaves come with sensor cooking controls and Chef Connect options that allow you to select three different options from one touch. The Chef Connect option also automatically syncs the microwave’s surface light and vent with the time and various range elements present.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Profile Microwaves?

Wholesale Profile microwaves are solid performers and suited for every kitchen due to their very good ratings on major tests. They score well in major tests such as heating evenness, defrosting, and feature a user-friendly interface and controls which makes the cooking process easier and faster. The various controls and features also complement the microwave and the cooking experience due to their easy and automated programming, unlike other microwaves with numerous settings.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Profile Microwaves?

Ambar Distributors has years of experience in the B2B industry and can help you identify the right products to optimize your returns or for your commercial needs. Our expertise and experience mean that you can source all your appliances and products from us and we have the necessary manpower and equipment to handle large orders easily and efficiently.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Profile microwaves from Ambar Distributors, feel free to contact us today.