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Wholesale Premium Refrigerators

Are you looking for a large supply of Premium Refrigerators for your real estate property management, electronic store, foodservice, or hospitality business? Our range of premium branded refrigerators can cater to a wide variety of requirements in many commercial applications. We are a reliable wholesale distributor that offers high-quality products from credible brands at the most competitive prices.

About Wholesale Premium Refrigerators

A refrigerator is a basic electronic appliance comprising thermally insulated compartments that transfer heat from the interior environment to the external atmosphere to keep it cool. Refrigerators are vital in many commercial applications and operations and are usually used in maintaining food and beverages fresh and high in quality for a longer period. In addition, they are important in preservation and is key to deterring bacteria from degrading and spoiling the food.

Notable Features of Wholesale Premium Refrigerators

What differentiates a premium refrigerator from a conventional refrigerator is the technologies and features. Most premium refrigerators have a modern and luxe feel that can truly add to the aesthetic of any décor and elevate the interior of any room in any location. Some notable features you can expect to find in high-end refrigerators include:

  • Temperature control: Provides you more control over your food’s temperature and better preserves its quality to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Adjustable compartments and shelving: Enable you to customize the interior of your refrigerator for better organization and compartmentalization.
  • Dual compressors and evaporators: These help to control odors from spreading across different compartments and maintain humidity at an optimal level.
  • Water filters and ice dispensers: These refrigerators double up as both water and ice dispensers, providing you with more savings.
  • Remote SMART features: More premium refrigerators now allow users to customize its features such as humidity and temperature levels through a mobile app without the need for manual controls.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Premium Refrigerators?

Many commercial businesses require wholesale premium refrigerators to provide guests, customers, and prospective tenants a higher-quality service experience. With an extensive range of brands available at Ambar Distributors, electronic retail stores get to choose which brands they would like to offer as part of their store catalog at a competitive price. Furthermore, you get to fulfill your customers’ specific requirements with these premium refrigerators’ value-added features.

Businesses in the hospitality sectors, such as foodservice establishments, hotels, and hospitals, will require high-performance and powerful premium refrigerators that can withstand the grind of daily use and provide long-term service. To provide the most nutritious food to their guests and patients, the freezers must store food and beverage at the maximum freshness levels and ideal quality. These refrigerators will also need to meet the demands of keeping increased food capacities while delivering optimal storage conditions.

Chances are you will require premium refrigerators if you are managing an upscale apartment complex or building as a property management business. These appliances are particularly important to help furnish the space and make it more presentable and welcoming to prospective tenants and buyers. With its luxurious and stylish outlook, you won’t ever have to worry about it not fitting in with the living

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Premium Refrigerators?

If you are a commercial client looking to make a high-volume purchase of our wholesale premium refrigerators, look no further than Ambar Distributors for all your wholesale supply and distribution needs. We stock a wide range of premium refrigerators with a diverse set of various features that meet your needs. Since our beginnings more than a decade ago, we have always strived to be a reliable supplier that provides our clients with exceptional service experience.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Premium Refrigerators from Ambar Distributors, please feel free to contact us today.