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Wholesale Premium Microwaves

Are you looking for a large supply of Premium Microwaves for your real estate property management, electronic store, food service, or hospitality business? At Ambar Distributors, we carry a wide selection of premium-branded refrigerators to cater to a wide variety of requirements in both residential and commercial applications. We have been in the business in Miami, Florida, for more than a decade now. We are a reliable wholesale distributor that offers high-quality products from the top brands in the industry at competitive and fair prices.

About Wholesale Premium Microwaves

Many domestic and commercial kitchens across the United States use premium microwaves to perform various food handling functions. The most highly regarded feature of microwaves is their speed and convenience in heating up leftover or pre-packaged food. As the magnetron of the microwave utilizes radio waves, heat energy is delivered straight into the food molecules. This is why heating up food will mostly take a few minutes. Premium microwaves are also mostly used for their defrosting feature, which helps to thaw frozen food in a short period of time without losing the flavor. This has proved to be especially useful in commercial kitchens that wish to preserve the freshness of their frozen ingredients for a longer time.

Notable Features of Wholesale Premium Microwaves

There are three main types of premium microwaves – the conventional, convection, and built-in microwave. Each has different features that make them more viable for certain applications and situations. The conventional microwave is the most accessible and affordable option out of the three as it has more limited functionality, which also means it is convenient and easy to use. This model is ideal for those who require portability and has the counter space to spare, as you would only need to place it near a power outlet and plug it in.

Also known as the combination oven, the convection microwave is more versatile as it provides more cooking features while occupying the same size. In contrast to the conventional oven, which employs radio waves to heat up the food, this model utilizes convection heating and grill, which expands your variety of cooking options to baking, crisping, and browning. This is ideal as an alternative to a traditional oven in a space-challenged kitchen.

Lastly, the built-in microwave ovens are suitable for those who wish to achieve a more seamless and streamlined look, as they are usually a part of the cooking ranges or cabinetry. One big benefit of this is that it frees up a significant amount of countertop space for a compact kitchen. In addition, it comes with a more extensive range of cooking features and is usually ducted for ventilation.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Premium Microwaves?

Many commercial businesses require wholesale premium microwaves to provide guests, customers, and prospective tenants with the luxury of choice. With an extensive range of brands available at Ambar Distributors, electronic retail stores get to choose which brands they would like to offer as part of their store catalog at fair and reasonable prices. Furthermore, this allows retailers to fulfill their customers’ specific requirements, especially those looking for particular functions and features.

Businesses in the hospitality sectors, such as food service establishments, hotels, and hospitals, will require durable, high-quality premium microwaves that can withstand the grind of daily use to perform different cooking functions daily. Microwaves are needed to heat up, defrost, and cook food quickly and conveniently to meet the demands of faster and more efficient food service.

Chances are you will require premium microwaves, especially if you are managing an upscale apartment complex or building as a property management business. These appliances are particularly important to help furnish the space and make it more presentable and welcoming to prospective tenants and buyers.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Premium Microwaves?

Since our beginnings more than a decade ago, we have always strived to be a reliable supplier that provides our clients with exceptional service experience. If you are a commercial client looking to make a high-volume purchase of our wholesale premium microwaves, look no further than Ambar Distributors for all your wholesale supply and distribution needs. We stock a wide range of premium microwaves with a diverse set of various features that meet your needs. Our service team members strive to deliver the highest quality purchasing experience with us and look forward to assisting you in your purchase.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Premium Microwaves from Ambar Distributors, please feel free to contact us today.