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Wholesale Haier Dryers

At Ambar Distributors, our team deals directly with manufacturers so as to provide our commercial clients with factory-direct prices. We also liaise exclusively with each client so as to understand the requirements of their business and how we can help to expand their operations. Our team is well-versed in every aspect of running a business and can make helpful recommendations to help business owners achieve their ultimate venture goal. Let us handle all the hard work while you watch as your empire continues to grow.

About Wholesale Haier Dryers

Haier dryers come in a series of types to suit your unique business needs. A Haier condenser dryer makes use of a heat exchanger that cools the air and condenses the water vapor into a collection tank. This is highly beneficial if you plan to install the dryer in an enclosed space where heat and humidity can easily build up in a matter of minutes.

A Haier vented dryer is the traditional type that heats up air which passes into the drum. Clothes are then heated up by the moist air through a hose located on the exterior. A Haier vented dryer needs to be installed near a window or a door to ensure the air is vented properly.

Notable Features of Wholesale Haier Dryers

Through the wide range of features offered by Haier dryers, users stand to enjoy massive energy and time-savings, providing them more efficiency and productivity. Hotpoint dryers are fitted with the following features:

  • Ventilation system – Helps to reduce pollutants in each cycle.
  • Knob button control – Easy-to-use functions.
  • Humidity and temperature sensors – Automatically set to most efficient settings.
  • Bacteria elimination function – Great for sanitation of laundry and other articles.
  • Flexible installation options – Versatile positioning.
  • Auto dry sensor – Automatically cuts off power when laundry is dry.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Haier Dryers?

Haier dryers come with a series of advanced features that let you cut down on energy usage to save on monthly utilities. Even so, they are still priced at affordable prices which is ideal for those on a budget. However, do not be taken aback by Haier’s cheaper dryers as they are still efficient and long-lasting to offer you with maximum value in every purchase. By buying wholesale Haier dryers, you can look forward to enjoying even greater deals as you can secure factory-direct prices that are much more attractive than individual retail purchases.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Haier Dryers?

Ambar Distributors has a headquarter that is based in Miami, FL and we cater to businesses from coast to coast. We are nationally-recognized as one of the leading wholesale resellers who are committed to helping our clients find the best prices in a wide variety of appliances and electronics. By working with Ambar Distributors, businesses get to achieve a great profit margin when they are able to secure top-notch products at a fraction of retail price. Regardless of your business needs, our team strives to help you find everything to enable your operations to run smoothly.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Haier dryers from Ambar Distributors, feel free to contact us today.