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Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers

Ambar Distributors is stocked with the latest and the most innovative appliances in technology. We pride ourselves as a licensed reseller and distributor that supplies an extensive collection of washers and many other electrical devices from different brands to provide businesses with the luxury of choice. So if you’re looking to purchase the Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers in bulk, look no further as we are a one-stop destination for all your commercial needs.

About Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers

Frigidaire washers have a proven track record for offering high-quality and energy-efficient services that provide excellent cleaning performance. In addition, they are known for their aesthetically pleasing and well-designed exterior that would fit into any setting and is incorporated with various technology features to optimize the washing and cleaning capability of clothes while maximizing the capacity of the load. While they have only entered the top-load washer market in recent years, they have shaped up to become a trusted and reliable manufacturer of washers in the United States. Its range currently focuses on top loads and laundry centers – that feature both washer and dryer in a set, available in both electric and gas models.

Notable Features of Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers

Generally, the wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers is recognized for its excellent cleaning performance as it has a strong agitator that rigorously moves during the cycles to ensure that your clothes are thoroughly clean and sanitized. In addition, compared to the traditional washers, wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers are known for their ability to accommodate a fuller and larger load with the MaxFill feature while still thoroughly washing and cleaning them.

Additionally, it has a Quick Wash & Dry function that allows users to get loads done faster with quick wash and dry cycles. Overall, the washers feature up to 12 wash cycles to meet various washing needs such as Hand Wash, Delicate and Heavy Duty that can be customized according to the user’s preferences to wash different loads, materials, and types of clothes.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers?

Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers are a top choice for many business owners due to their optimized and ergonomic features that cater to a range of different wash types. Moreover, electronic appliances stores are a great way for you to expand your business’s catalog and provide a range of various offerings to suit your customers’ tastes and preferences in their laundry.

Due to the wide of wash cycles, laundromats or laundry services centers can implement these washers in their operations to maximize the capacity of loads. Lastly, the MaxFill feature of washers would be useful for businesses in the hospitality sector such as hotels, hospitals, spas, and wellness parlors that deal with soiled linens, fabrics, and cloths daily.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers?

Originating from Miami, Florida, Ambar Distributors has been one the most reliable direct factory wholesale distributors since 2009. We are a one-stop platform that offers our clients competitive prices and specializes in selling bulk quantities of the Frigidaire Professional Washers. Our team of professional and outstanding customer service representatives is always dedicated to meeting the commercial needs of our clients. Most importantly, We are committed to making the best recommendations that suit your preferences and needs.

For more information about purchasing wholesale GE washers from Ambar Distributors, please feel free to contact us today.