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Wholesale Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators

When you are running a large business, then that means you also need large appliances that go with it. If yours focus on food, then we want you to get the best products to keep your items fresh all the time. With wholesale Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators, you are sure to enjoy the best of both worlds – keeping your consumers loyal to your products, and saving more on your investments. Learn more about why Ambar Distributors is the best place to be when looking for such products.

About Wholesale Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators

With more than a century of existence, Frigidaire has already established its name in the world of refrigeration. Its wide range of products suit that just every household in the country, but even businesses worldwide. It has a reliable quality of appliances, and continues to provide the best-priced products to consumers. With the launch of its Frigidaire Gallery Collection, consumers get practical, time-saving features, with finishes that meet the standards of every kitchen.

At Ambar Distributors, our wholesale Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators are among the most wanted products by business owners out there. Sold in bulk quantities, you are sure to enjoy them at the most competitive prices that you have ever imagined. We also provide a sound advice to help you choose the products that will meet your needs.

Notable Features of Wholesale Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators

As part of the Frigidaire Gallery Collection, wholesale refrigerators provide you with the flexibility to organize your items inside the fridge. The product line includes counter-depth French Door refrigerators that help maximize kitchen space with four inches of floor space provided as you store your items inside it. It comes with the humidity-controlled crisper which seals in the moisture to keep your produce fresh. The glide crisper drawer can be configured using a number of settings, with the choice between stacking on top of each other, and doing it side-by-side. The CrispSeal® Plus Crisper also prevents food spoiling. EvenTemp Cooling ensures that your items keeps food fresh while you avoid freezer burn.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators?

Frigidaire offers a range of benefits that consumers will enjoy. This goes true with every collection that it offers, the Frigidaire Gallery included. Here is a list of reasons to purchase wholesale Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators:

  • Great value for money – Some refrigerators will often malfunction or breakdown after just a few years. If you choose to buy wholesale from us, you never have to worry about this problem anymore.
  • Reliable technologies – Store, organize, and keep everything fresh as promised by Frigidaire Gallery. Ambar Distributors will make sure that you enjoy this even with wholesale pieces.
  • Get the upgrade – If you have long been looking for a brand that will be perfect for your kitchen upgrade, and boost your sales at the same time, you will never go wrong choosing refrigerators from this collection.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators?

As one of the most reliable factory direct wholesale distributors since 2009, Ambar Distributors continues to dominate the market for wholesale appliances, Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators included. We only partner with the most trusted brands that have the same philosophy of providing high quality appliances at affordable prices.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators from Ambar Distributors, feel free to contact us today.