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Wholesale Electrolux Freezers

Suppose you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality, authentic Electrolux freezers. In that case, Ambar Distributors is the one-stop-shop for all your wholesale distribution needs in Miami, Florida. As a leading supplier in a broad range of electrical appliances, including freezers, we take pride in catering to various commercial applications such as property management, hospitality businesses, and electrical appliances retailers. As a result, we carry some of the most trusted and credible brands in the industry that will be bound to meet your business requirements and needs.

About Wholesale Electrolux Freezers

Electrolux is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of premium home appliances originating from Stockholm. Coming in after Whirlpool, the brand is notable for producing the second-highest number of units sold. The brand’s line of freezers lives up to its name of luxury and high quality, providing long-term service that can withstand daily use and fit seamlessly into any kitchen. Electrolux offers various freezers, including multi-door freezer and refrigerator hybrids, top freezers, bottom freezers, single door freezers, and more – all offering unique, innovative features that optimize the quality and freshness of the food storage.

Notable Features of Wholesale Electrolux Freezers

Electrolux offers various freezers, all designed for long-term storage and increased food storage capacities that maximize usable space. They are also incorporated with innovative technology to maximize the quality and freshness of the food by maintaining it at an optimum temperature. The top and bottom freezers have the TasteSeal feature to keep seafood and fresh fish without freezing, while the TasteLock feature keeps vegetables for extended periods. In addition, the single-door freezer optimizes the organization and storage space with premium and durable metal shelving to keep food ingredients visible and manageable.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Electrolux Freezers?

Electronic appliance stores should carry a wide assortment of different appliances coming from numerous brands and various models to cater to a diversity of requirements from the consumer market, including the Electrolux freezers. This helps customers make an effortless decision on the appliances they should buy to integrate into their homes.

Hospitality businesses such as F&B chains, hospitals, and hotels will handle large quantities of food stock and ingredients daily. As such, they will require freezers with maximum storage capacities to meet their daily demands. The Electrolux freezers are designed with large compartments with more storage space to reduce food waste and eliminate a second unit.  

Luxury and upscale apartments and houses managed by any residential property management company can be furnished with Electrolux freezers that add a striking yet elegant touch to any kitchen. This helps to amp up the livability and the homeliness of the living space that will appeal to prospective tenants and homeowners.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Electrolux Freezers?

If you are a commercial client looking to make a high-volume order of wholesale Electrolux freezers, look you can trust Ambar Distributors for your wholesale supply and distribution needs. Over the past decade, we have proudly established and amassed a loyal base of clients across different industries in Miami, Florida. We strive always to provide you with exceptional service and premium quality appliances at competitive prices when you partner with us.

For more information about purchasing the wholesale Electrolux freezers from Ambar Distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us today.