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Wholesale Café Gas Ranges

If you’re looking to make a high-volume order for the Café gas ranges, you have come to the right place. Ambar Distributors is a licensed reseller and wholesaler offering competitive prices compared to market rates. We are a one-stop destination specializing in distributing large quantities of electric appliances such as gas ranges and other kitchen appliances that can cater to a range of different applications, including domestic and commercial.

About Wholesale Café Gas Ranges

Café was launched in August 2018 by GE Appliances to respond to the more contemporary consumer trend of personalizing and customizing their kitchen to suit their preferences. The brand started off with the Matte collection, which contrasts the conventionally preferred stainless-steel materials used in many kitchen appliances. The collection of gas ranges usually come in various finishes and hardware that can be tailored to the preferences and needs of the consumer. The professional and premium quality in conjunction with the unique features such as the burner grates, convection ovens, and Smart function of the gas ranges, allows the user to emulate the same high standard that previously commercial kitchens could only accomplish.

Notable Features of Wholesale Café Gas Ranges

The Café gas ranges all feature the brand’s signature Smart Slide-In, which has built-in WiFi and can be controlled using the SmartHQ app by GE Appliances on a smartphone. In addition, the design of the gas range is contemporary, streamlined, and sleek to fit into any kitchen layout and design seamlessly. They also come with an electric Caterer’s oven with three racks that can hold a full-sized catering pan and has bake and broil elements that offer event heat distribution.

Additionally, the gas ranges feature up to six burners with four variations to facilitate multitasking, which means more efficient cooking. In addition, the burners feature the industry-exclusive Inspiral design engineered to swirl the flame to promote even more heat coverage. Each burner also has multiple-sized flame rings to increase the heating power for faster cooking.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Café Gas Ranges?

If you are a commercial reseller of electronic appliances looking to expand their gas ranges assortment, you can consider looking into Café gas ranges. By increasing the selection of brands your brand offers, customers will be more likely to patronize your store instead of searching for a competing retailer to compare prices. With more variety, this also means that your customers can search for the specific feature they need to meet their needs. 

As hospitality businesses such as F&B chains, hospitals, and hotels have to handle large quantities of food stock and ingredients daily, they will require high-quality gas ranges that can stand up to the test of time and daily commercial usage. The Café gas range having more than six burners will allow them to multitask and boost the productivity and efficiency of their food preparation operations.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Café Gas Ranges?

If you’re looking to purchase the wholesale Café gas ranges in bulk quantities, chances are Ambar Distributors will offer you the most competitive deals. Since our inception in 2009, we have always been committed to providing our clients the best that technology offers. As a result, we provide you with the best value-for-money without compromising the quality of our services. More importantly, we have a range of different options available that suit your preferences and requirements. Our team of service representatives will also be available to provide you their assistance whenever you need.

If you have any questions about purchasing Wholesale Café gas ranges from Ambar Distributors, please get in touch with us today.