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Wholesale Avanti Refrigerators

Whether you are a small business enterprise catering to the food supply of certain residents in your locale, or you are looking forward to put up a series of grocery stores in other states nationwide, you can trust Ambar Distributors to bring you the most affordable refrigerators that you need. We are a trusted factory distributor of wholesale Avanti refrigerators. Learn more about why we are the best enterprise to work with for your needs.

About Wholesale Avanti Refrigerators

With more than 50 years of providing space-saving appliances to its customers, Avanti has always been a go-to-brand for small business owners and big enterprises alike. Throughout all these years, it has been in the forefront of the consumer appliance industry, with product offerings ranging from water dispensers, and microwave ovens, to compact refrigerators, wine chillers, and a whole lot more.

When you buy wholesale Avanti refrigerators from us, you get to enjoy the perks of the features that the manufacturer loaded in its appliances. You get space savings for your hotel or dormitory rooms, as well as have a reliable compact item perfect for cooling your needs. All of these are sold at a fraction of their retail cost, thus increasing your savings.

Notable Features of Wholesale Avanti Refrigerators

Keeping your snacks and favorite drinks within the confines of your room is made possible by investing in compact refrigerators from Avanti. These mini fridges fit every setting – from bedrooms, and dormitory rooms, to offices and any space where a refrigerator won’t take too much room. Featuring built-in door shelves that can readily accommodate two-liter bottles of your favorite beverages. It comes with manual defrost, keeping your food fresh and cold whenever, wherever.

There are yet other things to look forward to with this space-saving design. It has full range temperature control, separate chiller compartment, and a reversible door. It also has a removable wire shelf so that you can easily adjust storage according to your needs.

Why Should You Get Wholesale Avanti Refrigerators?

A world leader in the consumer appliance industry, Avanti is recognized for its space-saving ideas, its Avanti refrigerators included. Buying these appliances wholesale will definitely be perfect for a lot of reasons, including:

  • Property development – Do you have a hotel that needs refrigerators in them? You don’t need to purchase larger ones when you opt for Wholesale Avanti refrigerators.
  • Savings – If you are looking to save money, and space as well, nothing beats going for wholesale Amana refrigerators. These versatile pieces are sure to fit any room with their very compact size.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors for Wholesale Avanti Refrigerators?

Ambar Distributors is the best place to be when you are looking for wholesale Avanti refrigerators, or fridges from a wide array of brands. Through the years, since 2009, we work hard to give our customers the best quality appliances at very affordable prices. We always want our clients to save much when making investments for their business, and we are able to do that by partnering with brands that work on the same principle. When you buy with us, we guarantee that you will enjoy low prices every day.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale Avanti refrigerators from Ambar Distributors, feel free to contact us today.