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Wholesale TCL Products

Wholesale TCL Products

Recognized as the leading Miami, Florida wholesale distributor, Ambar Distributors is dedicated to trustworthiness. The wholesale distribution services provided by our company include a vast array of products such as generators, video/audio products, air conditioners, household appliances, computers, television sets, and more. You can rest easy knowing that, at a competitive rate, our products are top-of-the-line, dependable, and created by reputable, established industry manufacturers.

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About TCL Electronics

Now the fastest growing brand in America, The Creative Life (TCL) has prided itself on delivering the latest technology, featuring stylish designs, and delivering high-quality since its beginning 35+ years ago.

America’s fastest-growing television brand, and also one of the world’s best-selling, TCL celebrated its fifth anniversary of its United States market launch of Roku TV last year in September. In 2014, the landscape of consumer electronics was forever changed by TCL’s award-winning Roku TV models. Since then, it has experienced explosive growth. Since it’s creation, TCL has expanded their business at a staggering rate. Of all the smart television makers in the United States, they have the second largest brand.

Located in various locations all over the planet, there are, in total, no fewer than 35 TCL research centers. In their state-of-the-art production facility, TCL has over $20 billion invested. Last year, throughout the world, more than 32 million TVs were sold by this innovative company.


Benefits of Buying
TCL Products




Including the above-mentioned, award-winning Roku TV, TCL offers innovative products, a state-of-the-art panel factory, a vertically integrated supply chain, and extensive manufacturing expertise. This combination is beyond reproach, making anything manufactured by TCL (TVs, headphones, mobile phones, sound bars, etc.) a much sought-after product.


When you purchase TCL products from Ambar Distribution, you are buying a product from a company with a winning recipe of high-quality, easy to use, simple products that integrate the best technology and stylish design at an affordable price point.

Though TCL has good reason to celebrate their accomplishments, their strategy involves anything but quitting while they are ahead! They show no sign of pausing their aggressive climb through the ranks.


Why Choose Ambar Distributors?

Ambar Distributors is dedicated, through the offer of a wide array of products, to being the nation’s largest wholesale distributor. For the provision of excellent customer service, we display an unwavering commitment. With our products in their homes and businesses, consumers enjoy a better way of life. We’ve got your back, no matter if you are looking for equipment with which to expand your business, appliances for your hotel, or electronics to improve your home. What it all boils down to is that, for our clients in business or at home, we want nothing but the best. If you need assistance, we have friendly staff members at the ready. Feel free to contact us.

For TCL products and other electronics, appliances, etc., we offer the best wholesale prices in the country. In today’s market, our rates for direct wholesale distribution are unparalleled. For laptops, small appliances, air-conditioners, gaming systems, TVs, and more, we’re the number one distributor. Throughout numerous industries, in fact, we have gained a loyal following over the years.


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