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Wholesale Appliances For Real Estate Agents

Wholesale Appliances For Real Estate Agents

 In an industry that is as competitive as real estate, it is becoming increasingly important for real estate agents to set themselves apart from the rest of their competitors. An excellent way to do this is to invest in technology and electronic appliances for properties to attract potential investors and buyers. This applies to both residential and commercial clients. When real estate agents make the choice to furnish the properties that they want to help clients list on the market, they create a good impression for potential buyers that can go a long way. Besides, if you were buying or renting a property, these additional perks can make all the difference. Here at Ambar Distributors, we offer a wide range of different high-end appliances and electronics.


TVs and Electronics for Real Estate Agents

A good way to improve the move-in condition of your apartment is to include flat screen smart TVs in your tenants’ contracts. At the end of the day, renting out is about dressing them in ways that add value. Adding modern electronics into the mix can help boost the appeal of your properties. 

At Ambar Distributors, we offer flat and thin plasma TVs. These electronics can be mounted on walls and enable apartment owners to maximize their space.



Small and Large Appliances for Real Estate Agents

When real estate agents put their properties for showings, viewers and potential clients will definitely appreciate small and large appliances that can enhance their everyday experience after buying or leasing the property. With these extra products available in the listings, tenants and buyers will not mind paying more for properties. Here at Ambar Distributors, we carry a large range of notable brands for appliances ranging from refrigerators to freezers, and dishwashers to ovens. 

Many of our products are manufactured to be eco-friendly and will allow buyers to enjoy great cost savings in the long term. Some of the brands that we carry include LG and Panasonic, which are known to push out reliable appliances.


Air Conditioning Systems
for Real Estate Agents

When listing a property on the market in this modern age, it is almost a given that it should come with proper air conditioning. Air conditioning systems are a necessity if you want to ensure that temperatures are kept at an optimum level regardless of the temperature and weather conditions outdoors. 

This will ensure that buyers of your properties will be able to live in comfort and luxury. At Ambar Distributors, we carry well-known air conditioner brands like Sony and Phillips.



Why Should Real Estate Agents
Work with Ambar Distributors?

Although real estate agents are not required by the law to include any of these products in their listings, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to do so. In fact, if you are trying to sell a property without some of these amenities, you might experience an extremely difficult time in making the transaction happen because managing the expectations of your customers is crucial in this industry. 

Here at Ambar Distributors, we strive to make the process of buying electronic products and appliances an easy process with our unparalleled customer service and dedication to providing value to our clients.


If you have more questions about our wholesale appliances and electronics for real estate agents,  feel free to contact us today.