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Wholesale Proctor Silex Products

Wholesale Proctor Silex Products

As a leading distributor in the wholesale industry, Ambar Distributors is highly recognized in Miami, Florida. Our mission is simple: In the industry of wholesale distribution involving consumer electronics, appliances, and more, be the most trustworthy provider! Included in our product line are items like generators, video and audio products, air conditioners, household appliances, computers, and television sets.

At the most affordable rates around, we sell our products competitively to assure you better peace of mind.

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About Proctor Silex

In 1960, Proctor Silex Company was created through a merger between the Silex Company and Proctor Electric. NACCO Industries, Inc. acquired Proctor Silex in 1988. As a subsidiary, they also acquired Hamilton Beach Brands and the two companies merged.

Proctor Silex was long known for manufacturing household items such as coffee makers, vacuums, and small appliances. Today, they have a significantly larger portfolio including (but not limited to) air purifiers, countertop ovens, grills, bread makers, can openers, electric knives, ice cream makers, toasters, mixers, irons, rice cookers, breakfast sandwich makers, food processors, slow cookers, blenders, and more.

Though they serve all of North America, the company’s headquarters is based in Virginia’s Glen Allen.


After numerous improvements to their products, Wahl expanded their horizons manufacturing and selling the Silent Dryer to beauticians and professional barbers in 1940. Wahl acquired a 1946-founded German company – who was making products similar to Wahl – in 1996. This company had been making trimmers, shavers, massagers, and hair clippers.

Worldwide, Wahl employs more than 1500 staff members today. They’re proud to carry forward traditions such as superior customer service and innovation.

Benefits of Buying
Proctor Silex Products




Individuals with defined culinary goals can more easily achieve them through use of Proctor Silex kitchen appliances.

At the end of the day, your life and your kitchen have been improved, overall, when you use their appliances.

Proctor Silex’s claim to fame is cut and dried: Our Appliances Are Simply Better. They are easy to use, high-quality, no surprises, no guesswork, no fuss, no frills.
When you need it – their appliances are there for you, offering exactly what you require.
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Why Choose Ambar Distributors?

With a long list of manufacturers with whom we work on a daily basis, we are one of the biggest, most established wholesale market distributors around. But we do more than simply work with other manufacturers – we are all part of a finely tuned business team! To serve a wide variety of industries, our products serve different purposes. That means a wide-ranging, all-inclusive catalog. Our portfolio is solidly built of popular market brands and comprised of numerous highly sought-after items. Worldwide, informed consumers count on Ambar Distributors.

You can rest assured, when you join our network, you’re getting nothing but the best. We never sacrifice durability or quality – that’s what puts us and keeps us on top. Thanks to our all-encompassing business nature, throughout a large consumer market, we are the preferred retail choice of many.

Are you a homeowner or renter looking for appliances through which to improve your surroundings and your life? Are you a business owner seeking equipment and/or tools for commercial use? Either way, you can trust Ambar Distributors. With unbelievable prices and a vast array of products in our catalog, we offer an opportunity that is hard to beat.

Contact us today at (786) 785-9691 or visit us at 1372 NW 78 AVE, Doral, FL 33126 to purchase our products or with any inquiries. At Ambar Distributors, you get the quality products you need at wholesale rates!

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