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Water Heaters Buying Guide

Water Heaters Buying Guide

These appliances are designed to provide an interrupted supply of heated water to plumbing fixtures and taps on demand. Users no longer need to heat water manually when washing their hands or bathing. Today, this is a convenience that property developers and managers should offer to buyers and tenants. If you are looking to buy water heaters in bulk, below are several factors to consider:

Common B2B Water Heater Options

The four main types of water heaters are point-of-use, tankless, hybrid, and tank-storage. Point-of-use heaters quickly deliver hot water to appliances and faucets located far from the building’s main water heater. Hybrid water heaters offer maximum energy efficiency. Tank-storage heaters are very popular, but their tankless counterparts are growing exponentially per year.

Get the Right Commercial Water Heater Size

When you are in the market for a new water heater for your apartment building, office, or hotel, it is important to choose the right sized heater. Sizing too small prevents guests, tenants, owners, and workers from having enough hot water during peak operating times. A water heater that is too large causes property managers to spend excess money in long-term operating costs and upfront capital.

It is recommended that you consult with an experienced wholesale water heater distributor to determine the right options that fit the characteristics of your operations.

Water Heating Considerations for Apartment Building:

Water Heating Considerations for Hotels:


Looking for The Best Prices on Water Heaters in Bulk?

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