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TV Buying Guide

Using a buying guide can make the difference between picking up one of the best, most high-tech televisions available today or getting stuck with a lemon. The following will be of assistance in helping you and your customers determine what to look for or consider where the purchase of a new television is concerned.

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What to Check Out and/or Look For

The following should be considered by your consumer, and you as the buyer for your company, when purchasing a new TV:

  • Look at the warranty for the television
  • Check out the remote controls
  • Consider audio upgrades
  • Carefully examine accessories and cables
  • Think about purchasing a “smart TV”
  • Think about TV resolution
  • Decide on or OLED or LED
  • What size TV do you want?
  • What is the price range? If you’re selling TVs, you’ll want a little something for everybody – whether they can afford to spend a little or a lot.

Let’s take a look at each of these.

TV Warranties

Though not everyone opts for the purchase of an extended warranty, everyone likes a good warranty to come with their electronic device. If you’re buying a new TV, make sure a repairperson will come to your home to service your TV if it needs it. Let’s face it, no one wants to lug their 55-inch screen TV to the repair shop.

All of that said, it may behoove you to buy an extended or extra warranty (or offer one if you are a dealer) because you just never know. It’s a personal choice.

Remote Controls

Some new TVs have extraordinary remote controls. But don’t be roped in by that remote on its own. Remember, there’s an entire TV system to go along with it. Besides, you may be using your dish or cable remote to do everything anyways.

Audio Upgrades

Along with thinner TVs came a lower quality speaker, in most cases. Consider adding a soundbar to upgrade your audio if you feel the speakers are less than adequate. Paying a little more for the TV itself could assure better speakers, if you’re not interested in add-ons.

Cables and Accessories

Though there are more cables to choose from than one can even imagine, many prefer a quality HDMI cable over all others.

At a minimum, most people prefer at least 4 HDMI ports on the reverse side of their new TV.

Another consideration is the option of Bluetooth connectivity. Get yourself a Bluetooth headphone and you’re good to go.

Smart TVs

First, there were smartphones, now smart TVs.

What’s the big deal? In a nutshell, better viewer processing is available with a smart TV. The quality of the picture is better. A number of HDMI ports and other expanded features make these televisions one of the most desirable choices on the market today. Though apps and an Internet connection are attractive, they have so much more to offer.

Without needing to subscribe to a satellite/cable service or connect to a TV antenna, today’s smart TVs can access a vast array of channels for music, movies, TV programs, etc.


First things first… Ultra HD and 4K are basically the same. A good rule of thumb to go by is this: the more pixels, the more lifelike the picture, the sharper it is, and the better it is in general.

Possibly the reason you hear 4K referred to so often is that, compared to old HD standards, it’s about four times more improved – and those improvements weren’t subtle, either. Make sure to have enough 4K TVs stocked.


Having both of these in stock is never a bad idea. More preferred, however, over the other is the OLED. It’s also more expensive. Not every consumer can afford one. This choice is, however, better where picture quality/technology is concerned. Additionally, the thinner of the two is the OLED.


Gone are the days of determining the size of your TV by using the family sofa. In the eyes of most people today, bigger is better. Granted, there are some instances where a smaller TV is called for (i.e., in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the home office, etc.).  As a dealer, stock a wide range of sizes. Mounting options should or may also figure in the equation, the thinness of the TV, flat or curved, and more.

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