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Appliance Buying Guide

The information below is relatively buyer-inspired. As a dealer, you’ll want to keep all of it in mind, however, so you can offer a wide range of appliances to appeal to people in numerous walks of life.

When people think of the word “appliances”, their minds turn mostly to the kitchen. Washers and dryers and other electronics can also be classified as appliances.

In general, when you’re shopping for appliances, there are a handful of things that you’ll want to keep in mind. Some of them are as follows:

  • Be sure, before shopping, that you have checked the measurements of the space the appliance will fit into.
  • What’s the design of your home? Your purchase should blend with it. This should include the finish of the appliance (chrome, color, texture, etc.).
  • A budget needs to be set.
  • Look at all the features available and decide what the most important/desirable characteristics are.
  • Check out the top brands of the appliances you’re considering.

Let’s take a look at each of these individually.


The appliance you’re looking at will likely fit into a relatively precise space. It would never do to buy a refrigerator that’s 46 inches wide, but the space you’re putting it in is only 43 inches, for example. Measure not only height and width but depth as well.

Your Home’s Interior Design

What we’re talking about here actually includes a couple of things. Your decor matters. If you have a rustic, country kitchen decor, for example, you may not want to choose a bright, shiny, ultra-modern finish on your appliances.

While we’re on the topic of finish, you can get stainless steel, textured surfaces, a wide selection of colors, and hideaway models (camouflaged by cabinet panels). Depending on your color scheme and style, choose what fits best.

 What’s Your Budget?

This is a major hot button for any number of people and/or families. Overextending yourself for an appliance might seem like a good idea at the time, but is it really? There are so many models of every appliance on the market today that there is, more likely than not, an affordable appliance with all of the desirable features you’re looking for. Sure, lots of bells and whistles on today’s ultra-modern appliances can be a very attractive thought. But do you need all those bells and whistles, and do you need to pay more than you can afford for them?

Remember, if you’re a homeowner and purchasing a new appliance, dropping a bundle on that appliance could short you when it comes to paying bills, replacing other appliances, and more.


This fits in with what we just talked about. Bells and whistles are nice, but they aren’t always necessary. Figure out what features or characteristics you need most and look at appliances in your price range that include those qualities.

What’s in a Name?

Some people are very brand conscious. They won’t buy an appliance or other electrical device unless it is a name they recognize or a specific brand. While there is a lot of sense in purchasing something by a well-known, reputable brand name, every company has to start somewhere. Just because a brand isn’t well known at the time doesn’t mean the appliance is garbage. Do some research if you’re not sure about a name. There is so much information on the Internet today that it’s inexcusable not to have researched your purchase.

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