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Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Whether you manage a hotel, office, resort, or an apartment building, it is important to invest in reliable air conditioning systems. These appliances keep employees, guests, customers, and visitors comfortable.

If you are a hotelier, all accommodations should have high-quality commercial air conditioning so that tired guests can enjoy their stay and get a good night’s sleep. Another B2B application is protecting equipment and products in an electronics store. Overheating can cause valuable and sensitive electronics to fail. The right A/C system ensures that electronic equipment maintain a long service lifespan and work flawlessly.

When purchasing bulk air conditioners, consider these factors:

Partner with a Wholesale Air Conditioner Distributor

It is important to choose a wholesale A/C system distributor you can count on for purchasing new units or replacing existing ones. At Ambar Distributors, we serve apartment managers, corporate housing providers, developers, contractors, office buildings, real estate agents, and residential builders across the United States. Our experienced and knowledgeable A/C experts can help you choose the right systems.

Choose Quiet Air Conditioning Systems

Look for air conditioners that can be installed outside to create a quiet environment. Employees benefit from this setup as they can focus on their work efficiently. Additionally, hotel guests and apartment tenants will not be disturbed by the occasional buzzing noises of an A/C unit. Recommendations include split-air A/C systems, condenserless air conditioners, and centrally controlled air conditioners (VTACs).

Consider Energy Efficiency

Consider purchasing A/C units that earn the Energy Star Certification. These appliances save money, save energy, and even help protect the climate. An air conditioning unit with higher EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) measurements offers better efficiency. Contractors and residential and commercial builders can opt for air conditioners with a 12 EER rating.

Select the Right Number of BTUs and Cooling Capacity

Choose an air conditioner with the appropriate BTU level. The term BTU refers to British Thermal Units, which measure a unit’s cooling capacity. Here is why BTUs are important:

  • If the BTU level is too high, the air conditioning unit will shut off before the space is completely de-humidified and cooled.
  • If the BTU level is too low, the A/C unit will continuously run (to cool off a large space) and chalk up on bills.

For more information about buying wholesale air conditioners, feel free to contact us today.