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Welcome to our Knowledge Center. Here, in one easy-to-navigate location, we offer tips and suggestions for buying appliances and electronics. The categories below will assist you and/or your customers in deciding whether or not to purchase an item and how to make the best choice.

On the surface, buying guides are pretty self-evident. They are instructional, writer-created sections and/or pages that serve as a point of reference and assistance. Their basic purpose is to assist consumers to make more informed decisions on the purchase of whatever items they refer to.

If you are in the market for a new laptop, water heater, air conditioning unit/system, household appliance, or one of today’s high-tech TVs, a buying guide will explain what to look for, what to consider, and more. The final choice, of course, is always up to you, but this way, the choice can be more enlightened.

One important thing to remember is that whatever brand you go with, purchase the item(s) from a reputable distributor. One that stands behind their products, provides good customer service, offers free or reasonable shipping, and more.

TV Buying Guide

Here are some things customers should take note of when purchasing a new TV:

  • Look at the warranty for the television
  • Check out the remote controls
  • Consider audio upgrades
  • Carefully examine accessories and cables
  • Consider the functions of a smart TV, if it is necessary for you
  • Think about TV resolution
  • Decide on or OLED or LED
  • The size of the TV that you want
  • Your budget price range

Appliance Buying Guide

There are numerous appliances that you or your customers have to think about purchasing when furnishing a new kitchen or remodeling. Then again, your consumer may just be replacing a single appliance. While precise information needs to be considered as it applies to specific appliances, in general, here are some things to consider before you or your customers purchase the next appliance:

  • Be sure, before shopping, that you have checked the measurements of the space the appliance will fit into
  • The decor design of your home and your purchase should match it
  • A budget needs to be set
  • Look at all the features available and decide what the most important/desirable characteristics are
  • Check out the top brands of the appliances you’re considering

Air Conditioners Buying Guide

One of the first decisions to be made when purchasing an air conditioner is whether this is going to be a simple window unit or an entire central air system. It makes a big difference for your consumer. After that, the following should be considered:

  • The maintenance requirements
  • The installation of the unit and whether it would be supported by your electrical system
  • Energy efficiency is a real hot topic these days, so be aware of that
  • Make sure that the level of BTUs (British thermal units) is sufficient for your space

Water Heaters Buying Guide

When it’s time to buy a new water heater, customers should consider the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Examine your household and decide on capacity needs
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages between tankless water heaters and those with a tank
  • The space the water heater will fit into for dimensions, size, etc
  • Decide whether you want to purchase a water heater or rent one
  • Be aware, ahead of time, what kind of fuel will be used/required

Laptops Buying Guide

We love our laptops. But there are some important things to consider before your consumers buy one:

  • Check out the top brands
  • The budget
  • Battery life is important – don’t skimp there
  • There are seemingly unlimited specs to consider so pick those that mean the most to you.
  • Ergonomics (this applies mostly to the touchpad and keyboard)
  • Size of the screen
  • Decide whether you want a hybrid device that can switch positions
  • A platform must be chosen (example: Mac versus Chrome OS, Windows 10 versus Mac, etc.)

Additional General Buying Tips for Consumers

Make a list of the things you’re not concerned about so you can consider the more important things first.

Check out any online reviews once you narrow down your choices. They are easy to find through Google, Yelp, and other review sites.

Check out our buying guide pages for the above-listed items. There, you and your customer can get a more detailed idea of the best way to go about choosing the item in question for purchase. Above all else, be sure to shop Amber Distributors for your wholesale electronic appliances.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.