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Ambar Distributors is the brand you can trust to fulfill all your appliance and electronic needs. From kitchen appliances to consumer electronics and heavy-duty equipment, we directly source for our inventory from factory to secure competitive prices at wholesale rates. Our wide-ranging catalog consists of a broad spectrum of products that are high in quality to comply with consumer expectations. The system that is utilized by our warehouse team is specially constructed to deliver fast and efficient service to our customers in terms of orders and support. Various markets within the United States, Mexico, and Canada have grown to build full trust with our company which they regard as their sole distributor of a wide range of appliances and electronics.

About JennAir

JennAir is a designer and manufacturer that is based in Benton Harbor of Michigan. The company produces household appliances as well as a variety of fixtures. The original company was founded by Louis J. Jenn under Jenn-Air Products Company back in 1947 in Indianapolis of Indiana. It later became just Jenn-Air which focuses mainly on the engineering and marketing of industrial fans which were popular in both commercial and industrial markets. In 1961, Jenn-Air integrated one of its industrial fans into a cook-top kitchen range and the process led to the creation of the original self-ventilated downdraft kitchen range. JennAir then moved on to expand its line of products to showcase different kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and smaller appliances like blenders and mixers.

Benefits of Buying JennAir Products

JennAir is known for its industrial-grade quality that is highly-sought after by members of the public. The company is considered as a premium brand that offers an abundance of features on its kitchen appliances. This feat makes the brand’s catalog highly popular amongst the masses who is looking for durability as well as complex functions embedded in the different appliances. JennAir is also often ranked first for some of its products whilst the other products get excellent ratings in view of their high reliability rate. Apart from delivering consistency in quality, JennAir also makes its line of products affordable to suit different budgets.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors?

Ambar Distributors offers wholesale inventory that is both affordable and reliable. We source for our appliances and electronics direct from factory through close collaboration with trusted and established manufacturers. Securing wholesale prices is our key objective while making sure that our catalog of products comprises of premium quality items that do not compromise on workmanship. For customers who are uncertain of which products that suit their unique requirements, do not hesitate to consult with our experienced service personnel who is well-versed in the area of product sales. Look no further than Ambar Distributors if you are ready to invest in value-for-money home appliances, electronics, and many more that will stay usable even after years of use.

Contact Ambar Distributors today at (786) 299-5141 for more information or pricing. Alternatively, you may choose to visit us directly at 1372 NW 78 AVE, Doral, FL 33126 for immediate purchases or support.