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Wholesale Fisher & Paykel Products

Wholesale Fisher & Paykel Products

Ranked at the top, Ambar Distributors is known as one of the leading wholesale distributors of electrical appliances in the U.S. We are a trusted supplier, carrying a diverse range of products for businesses that require them at large scales. Our products include a variety of Fisher & Paykel products such as washers, dryers, ovens, cooking top, and more. 

Whether you require our top-quality appliances for your hotel, retail store, education facility, or apartment buildings, Ambar Distributors will ensure that you will obtain the best prices in the market. Additionally, the major brands that we carry will certainly satisfy your customers.

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About Fisher & Paykel

Created in 1934, Fisher & Paykel is equipped with a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity, always pushing the boundaries of improving conventional appliance design until today. Delivering some of the best products for human needs, Fisher & Paykel offers outstanding innovation for their wide range of products.

Whether restaurants are looking for reliable cooking equipment or hotels looking for efficient laundry appliances, Fisher & Paykel has never disappointed consumers with their passion to develop advanced and future proof appliances. Known for providing quality appliances in the residential and commercial industry, Fisher & Paykel has expanded to more than 50 countries, bringing their production plants to Mexico, China, Italy, and Thailand.


After numerous improvements to their products, Wahl expanded their horizons manufacturing and selling the Silent Dryer to beauticians and professional barbers in 1940. Wahl acquired a 1946-founded German company – who was making products similar to Wahl – in 1996. This company had been making trimmers, shavers, massagers, and hair clippers.

Worldwide, Wahl employs more than 1500 staff members today. They’re proud to carry forward traditions such as superior customer service and innovation.

Benefits of Buying
Fisher & Paykel Products




Furthermore, high-quality products are critical in terms of reliability. Especially when these products are often used in your business, safety is paramount.

 Top-quality products offered by Fisher & Paykel are typically designed to perform well, and their designs are normally well-thought of with user-focused in mind. Additionally, buying Fisher & Paykel products can ultimately save you cost over the long run, especially if you are running a business that requires effective equipment for your operations.

Dedicated to a vast amount of research and development, Fisher & Paykel is known for manufacturing top of the line commercial equipment for hotels, educational facilities, restaurants, and more. When you purchase Fisher & Paykel products from Ambar Distributors, you will be awarded excellent customer services alongside reliable and modern-designed appliances.
With attractive pricing, professional style, and advanced technology, your customers will certainly be satisfied when using products from Fisher & Paykel.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors?

Committed to helping businesses grow and improve with our wide array of quality appliances, Ambar Distributors will work closely with our clients to deliver the highest standards of customer services and products. We are recognized as one of the largest and most established wholesale distributors in the market, delivering exceptional services and expert advice to a long list of industries to help them expand further in their operations. Additionally, we have built a robust portfolio that allows us to carry major brands that are highly sought after by consumers around the world. 

As a preferred choice in providing commercial and household equipment to various organizations, business owners can rest assured knowing that their business will receive only the best products and experiences from our team at Ambar Distributors. Starting on your next business venture? Wait no further and procure our quality products for your commercial needs today.


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