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As one of the world’s largest and most trustworthy computer wholesale distributor companies in the marketplace, Ambar Distributors is your best source for new computers, laptops and other essential technology at competitive rates. Whether you’re outfitting your hotel’s business center or setting up offices for the salespeople at your auto dealership, we have the wholesale computers for sale and other products that you need. From restaurants to hospitals, commercial offices to apartment complexes, we work with any business that needs laptops, tablets or accessories at an exceptional price.

Types of Computers We Offer

Considered one of the premier laptop wholesale distributors in the world, Ambar Distributors is the computer wholesaler that sells the latest, most highly rated and most popular electronic devices available anywhere. We also maintain stock of a large portfolio of products, so we can ship the items you need as soon as possible.

Here are some of the specific types and brands of computers we carry:

  • Desktops — Perfect for static office environments, this computer includes a case that houses the main components and a desktop display.
  • Laptops — Portable and compact, laptops are great for work that’s accomplished on the go.
  • Tablets — Similar to laptops but smaller and with a touch screen instead of a keyboard, tablets are another mobile computing option.
  • Smartphones — Essentially a computer you carry in your palm, the smartphone makes information instantly accessible from almost anywhere.
  • HP® — The Hewlett-Packard brand’s reputation for computer excellence is backed by more than 60 years of product development.
  • Dell — As one of the most well-recognized brands in the industry, Dell creates a wide range of popular desktop and laptop computers.
  • Acer — The Acer brand includes a large selection of high-quality monitors in various sizes and features.
  • Apple® — The Mac line of computers manufactured by Apple® have attained wide popularity in the marketplace for their graphical user interface and unique design.
  • Samsung — Another top computer brand, Samsung makes a wide variety of laptop models.

The above examples are only a handful of the choices available at Ambar Distributors. Browse our online catalog to learn more or get in touch with us at your convenience to discuss your needs. Let us be the hard drive computer wholesale distributor you trust to equip your facility.

Benefits of Working With Ambar Distributors

When you’re looking for a trustworthy computer wholesaler that stands out from other computer distributors or are interested in expanding your existing network, we’re at your service. We not only have a large selection of products, but we also offer them at factory-direct wholesale distribution prices to save you money. Since 2009, we’ve established a reputation as one of the most reliable and cost-effective computer wholesale distributors in the marketplace. Whether you’re setting up a new office or looking to upgrade your computer system, talk to Ambar Distributors about finding a computer wholesale online.

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