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Wholesale Appliances For Casinos and Resorts Industry

Casinos and resorts are always in the market for electronics and appliances for their facilities. It can be extremely frustrating when your procurement manager has to deal with numerous vendors when buying assorted electronics. The situation gets even worse due to the corresponding paperwork from all those resellers. Fortunately, this does not have to be a problem when you are dealing with Ambar Distributors. We not only make the process easier for you but we even have corporate sales managers who will handle your order and answer any questions that you may have.

TVs and Electronics for Casinos and Resorts

When you come to Ambar Distributors for your electronics, you can be certain that you will get an excellent deal. We go out of our way to offer you value-added services. For example, our team will unbox all the products that we deliver and ensure that we leave with all the packaging waste. This way, your resort stays as smart as ever. We also put our experience and expertise into your service as our staff will offer advice on what products work best for you.

Small and Large Appliances for Casinos and Resorts

When you need small or large appliances for your resort, come to Amber Distributors. We are a leading reseller of top-quality appliances for all your needs. Since they are from leading brands, you can be sure that they can handle rough use by guests at your resort without frequently breaking down. Ambar Distributors offers you the convenience of a one-stop shop for all kinds of appliances.

Air Conditioning Systems for Casinos and Resorts

Air conditioners are important in casinos and resorts. Unfortunately, they can also be quite expensive, especially if you are buying many of them. Ambar Distributors makes it easy for you to purchase these air conditioners. Given that we carry a variety of brands, you can mix different brands into your order without having to deal with multiple invoices. Better still, we can take and dispose of any of the old units at your resort at no charge to you. Given that we are resellers of some of the top A/C brands, you are guaranteed that you are getting top-notch quality when you buy from us.

Why Should Casinos and Resorts Work with Ambar Distributors?

Ambar Distributors is your best bet when it comes to outfitting your casino or resort with modern electronics. This is because we stock state-of-the-art appliances that are guaranteed to reduce your energy bill and save you a load of money. If you are renovating your resort, you will be glad to know that Ambar Distributors will get all the products that you have ordered delivered on time. This guarantees that you do not have to worry about penalties arising from delayed projects. The fact that you are dealing with a single vendor also means that you can apply similar quality standards across different categories of products for greater value.

If you have more questions about our wholesale appliances and electronics for casinos and resorts, feel free to contact us today.