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Ambar Distributors is one of the leading wholesale distributors in the market that deals with products direct from factory. We are the trusted supplier of all your wholesale purchases including equipment from Black & Decker such as power tools and add-on accessories, cleaning appliances and equipment, garden and lawn tools, and more. Regardless of whether you require tools and accessories from Black & Decker for personal use or for commercial purpose, Ambar Distributors ensures the best deals are put forward for every quality product that we carry from an extensive array of manufacturers in the industry.

About Black & Decker

Black & Decker is the manufacturer of innovative home improvement products from America with headquarters in Towson of Maryland in the northern region of Baltimore. The company was established in the year 1910 which went on to merge with Stanley Works and stays as its fully owned subsidiary. Black & Decker offers a range of solutions that serves different purposes as required around the house and beyond. The brand’s broad spectrum of appliances, hardware, accessories, and fastening systems are popular not just within the American market, but in markets across the globe as well. Black & Decker’s existing clientele currently comprises of a wide pool of consumers thanks to its premium-quality products and top-notch service delivery. 

Benefits of Buying Black & Decker Products

Existing customers have shared their personal reviews about Black & Decker’s products being reliable and are of a high-grade which helps to maintain long-term usage. Most of the brand’s products are also sold in a full package to provide convenience of usage. This enables buyers to be able to perform necessary works without having to make separate purchases of add-on accessories like battery, charger, drill bits and many others. Black & Decker’s products are also known to be sold in a wide variety, providing ample options for consumers.

Why Choose Ambar Distributors?

Ambar Distributors is one of the most established and biggest wholesale distributors in the market today with a long list of manufacturers working together as part of our distributor business team. Our catalog of items is wide-ranging with products that serve different purposes for a variety of industries. To date, we have already managed to build a solid portfolio comprising of popular brands in the market that are highly sought after by consumers worldwide. By joining our network, you can rest assured that you are getting the best rates in town without our products ever sacrificing on either quality or durability. Ambar Distributors is the preferred retail choice of a large consumer market due to our all-encompassing nature of doing business.

Regardless of whether you are seeking home solutions for personal usage or looking for tools and equipment for commercial use, Ambar Distributors is the supplier you can trust. Our catalog is wide-ranging, and our prices are unbelievable! Contact us today at (786) 299-5141 or visit us at 1372 NW 78 AVE, Doral, FL 33126 for any inquiries or to make direct purchases. Get the quality products you need at wholesale rates via Ambar Distributors!

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