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Wholesale Appliances For B2B Industry

Wholesale Appliances For B2B Industry

When it comes to purchasing electronics for your business or for re-sale, the dynamics are very different from when you are purchasing for individual use. For starters, you need to work with a distributor who can deliver the products at competitive prices. This then allows you to increase your profit per unit when you resell the electronics. You also need a reseller who also offers value-added services such as flawless delivery and unboxing services. Ambar Distributors is a leading distributor of appliances and electronics for the B2B market. Give us a call today.



TVs and Electronics for the B2B Market

At Ambar Distributors, we understand that the B2B market is sensitive when it comes to pricing. That is the reason why we price all our televisions and other electronics very competitively. This not only allows you to save money but also offers you greater value for your money as our products are of the highest quality possible.

We also offer you a wide variety of electronic products to choose from. We have different brands, different sizes, and different specifications. This allows you to get a precise range of electronics that best suit your budget and needs.


Small and Large Appliances for the B2B Market

When it comes to large and small appliances, you can trust Ambar Distributors to deliver top-quality. We are an electronics reseller with years of experience in working with the B2B market. Our team at Ambar Distributors will help you identify the right product combination to optimize your returns or serve your needs. 

We also offer to remove all packaging material from your site so you do not have to clean up after our delivery crew.


Air Conditioning Systems
for the B2B Market

If you are looking for high-quality air conditioners for your business, Ambar Distributors is your best bet. Our experience in the B2B market ensures that we understand the tendering system as well as selling to organizations. 

Working with us makes sourcing for airconditioners easier as you only need to issue one invoice for all your electronic needs. This also makes tax reporting easier as you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.



Why Should the B2B Market
Work with Ambar Distributors?

When you are looking for a top-notch distributor of high-quality appliances and electronics, come to Ambar Distributors. Our experience in the B2B market means that we can handle large orders with ease and can outfit entire housing projects should you require us to. This saves you money as you can source all your electronics from one vendor. You can also rely on our delivery system that will get you the products you ordered right on time. This is great news if you are working on a project and need the houses or rooms outfitted with electronics within a specified time.

To make the process even easier, we offer you a dedicated corporate sales manager who acts as your liaison with us. This way, you have a single contact who can handle any queries that you have, something that saves you time.

If you have more questions about our wholesale appliances and electronics for the B2B market,  feel free to contact us today.