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Wholesale Andis Products

Wholesale Andis Products

Being regarded as the number one factory direct wholesale distributor is by no means an easy task. This means that the professionals here at Ambar Distributors take our jobs very seriously. In fact, since 2009, we have become one of the best wholesale distributors for a wide range of different products in Miami, Florida. We are known for being a trustworthy supplier of popular brands for TVs, computers, audio and video technology, home appliances, air conditioners, and even generators in Miami. 

Capitalizing on our warehouses and distribution facilities in Miami, we have a seamless business operation which translates in affordability for our customers. In line with our mission to give the best to our customers, we are proud to announce that we carry Andis products. These products not only showcase the latest technology but are sold at the most competitive prices.

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About Andis

Andis Company has a long history of excellence starting from the roaring twenties. The company grew from a small tool and die one to a company that mass-produced clipper blades for their clients. Soon after, the Andis Company evolved into the Andis Clipper Company in 1922. The main reason why Andis became so successful was that it had a smaller and much more efficient product than any other company. Their products became extremely popular with barbers and hair stylists because of how effective they were.

Today, Andis continues to innovate with exciting new products. However, what is most important is that they always listen to the needs of the market before releasing a new products. Thus, they provide a great deal of value to their customers. The brand also continues to grow around the world. Their products are made available in 90 countries, with many stylists swearing by Andis products. 


Benefits of Buying
Andis Products




Their core values also include excellence, integrity and respect. This can be seen in the excellent quality of their products and their honest and accountable practices.
Being a family-owned business means that workers all take their mission and values extremely seriously.
They believe that the quality of their products is testament to helping their customers to grow their own businesses as well, meaning that Andis products play a large role in their successes.
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Why Choose Ambar Distributors?

One of the best things that a wholesale distributor company can offer you and your business is affordability. When you work with Ambar Distributors, you will be able to enjoy great benefits of using an established network and a refined wholesale distribution process. We provide a range of Andis products that are perfect for many different needs. However, you will be pleased to note that you stand to save so much money when you buy from us.

Should you have any inquiries about our business or any Andis products which we carry, please do not hesitate to contact our warm and friendly customer service representatives. They will be able to help you make more informed decisions based on what you need and your preferences when it comes to grooming products.


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