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A Guide To Setting Up An Apartment Laundry Room

Having a laundry area is at the top of the list of amenities that potential tenants have in mind when choosing to move to a multi-housing facility. A spotless, modern apartment laundry room enhances the appeal of your housing facility and can be a great selling point for prospective tenants.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve put together a guide for creating the best communal apartment laundry room possible, whether you’re an experienced landlord looking for a change or completely new to the apartment management game.

Choose the Right Location

Space—or lack thereof—could be a problem when setting up an apartment laundry area. Having a designated laundry room is essential for many people. No matter the scale, having access to on-site washers and dryers is extremely important, so consider other potential locations.

It might be worthwhile to forgo a unit in the apartment building in order to provide a shared laundry area.

Select the Right Washers and Dryers

Long term savings come from selecting the right washers and dryers. Make sure you’re making a wise expenditure because your residents will use this equipment on a weekly, if not daily, basis. There are many things to consider when selecting equipment, including your resident profiles, machine size, and payment option types.

Not sure where to begin? To meet your requirements and those of your residents, talk to a wholesale distributor who provides a variety of washer and dryer configurations as well as payment options. Experts can provide guidance on the ideal layout for your apartment’s laundry area.

Use it for Storage Too

There is never enough storage, as anyone who has ever resided in an apartment can attest. In reality, one of the most common home improvements people make after moving into a new place is to add storage. There is never enough room for storage in many apartments!

Consider adding storage if you want to give your tenants the best possible impression of the laundry area in their apartment. Offering your tenants a little additional room to store their holiday decorations or off-season clothing can be a game-changer, whether you add lockers or designated closets for each unit.

Visualize the Layout

Making something appealing to the eye is only one aspect of design. When creating a structure, there are many factors to take into account. Where do dryers discharge to? Will there be a dedicated area to hang or fold laundry? To make sure you’re making the most of your apartment’s laundry area, take measurements and make a plan.

Make it Appealing

Even though it’s not necessary, having a multifamily laundry area that’s both useful and attractive will win you favor with your neighbors. Multifamily laundry rooms ought to be spotless, welcoming, and, most significantly, comfortable. In this manner, tenants won’t feel like leaving their apartments to do their laundry is such a hassle.

Though it occasionally requires ingenuity and creativity, setting up an apartment laundry room is always worthwhile. It can improve your tenants’ lives and distinguish your ad at the same time!