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Consumer Vs. Commercial Washing Machines

Is your washing machine all washed up? Is your dryer burned out? In that case, it’s time to think about getting an upgrade.  Whether you’re looking to purchase a consumer or commercial washer, you must first determine what you want to get out of the machines before spending money on the brand-new equipment. For instance, how frequently do you do the laundry? How regularly do you wash large things, such as blankets or towels? Do you have any garments for work or athletic attire that require more thorough cleaning? In today’s guide, we’ll cover the key differences between domestic and commercial washers and when to choose one over another.

Dependability and Strength

Commercial laundry machines are designed to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance. For instance, GE, a leader in the industry, has built a reputation for dependability. GE washers and dryers are highly dependable and built to withstand high-volume usage. The largest GE washer models can hold up to 5.1 cubic feet. These washers allow the users to do fewer loads of laundry and are suitable for people who have large loads of laundry to do, be it everyday consumers or businesses like laundry shops.

In terms of their fundamental construction, commercial laundry washers are constructed to endure more use than household machines.

Cycle Duration

Commercial laundry machines are roughly comparable to household ones in terms of their drying speed. However, time is saved on the wash side. Domestic cycle times range from well over an hour to an hour and a half. It takes a commercial washer roughly 30 minutes to complete a cycle.


Household washing machines have a limited lifespan of a few years and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The guarantee is also null and void if a household machine is used in a business setting. Equipment used in commercial laundries is made to withstand extensive use. Although these machines are more expensive than their domestic equivalents, they have a longer lifespan and a longer warranty. There’s also no warranty for consumer washers that are being used in a commercial setting.


Commercial washers and dryers cost more than consumer ones due to their durability and designs that accommodate continuous use. 


The same amount of water and electricity used by home machines are used by commercial-grade washers, but if you need greater capacity, this may become a problem.

Which Type of Washer Should You Pick?

Commercial laundry equipment has a higher upfront cost than domestic equipment, but you’ll save money over the course of the machine’s life, making it the more cost-effective option. Commercial laundry equipment is an investment that will ultimately pay off in the long run, and is an excellent investment if you can afford it.

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