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Commercial Washer Options For Apartment Buildings

Are you looking to buy or rent commercial washers for your apartment building’s laundry room? Modern commercial washers come in a variety of options, making it easier than ever to build the right laundry room for your facility, whether you’re looking to launch a new self-service laundry room at your apartment community or are intending to remodel your existing apartment laundry room. You may design a laundry room for your apartment building that will improve the renting experience for your residents for years to come by carefully evaluating the space needs of your laundry room, the laundry needs of your residents, and the commercial washer options available.

The most reputable manufacturers in the sector, including Summit, Speed Queen, and Magic Chief, supply apartment buildings with a sizable selection of commercial laundry equipment. There are numerous commercial washing options for apartment buildings today. Here are some types to consider!

Vending Types for Commercial Washers in Apartment Buildings

  • Coin-based Washers: Both tiered pricing and plus-cycle options are available for coin-operated washers. Owners can determine vendor rates based on the day, hour, water temperature, and cycle settings thanks to these cutting-edge pricing features. Owners can utilize these pricing options to regulate and balance traffic in the laundry room by carefully adjusting charges. Owners can utilize these pricing options to regulate and balance traffic in the laundry room by carefully adjusting charges.
  • Washers Using Smart Cards: For these types of washers, residents simply load money into a smart card with their credit card, debit card, or cash; they swipe the card to pay for each load of laundry. In addition to protecting owners from having their washing machines used fraudulently, smart-card technology also eliminates the need for coin collection.

Model Options for Commercial Washers in Apartment Buildings

  • Top-loading Washers: Top load washing machines are reliable workhorses that offer simple cycle options while delivering dependable, economical performance. They are popular amongst thrifty apartment dwellers looking for affordable wash cycles.
  • Commercial Front-Load Washers: Commercial front-load washers are highly effective machines that save both water and electricity. Front load washing machines can easily handle enormous loads because of their large front doors and large wash tubs. They spin at extremely high speeds to quickly dry even the largest loads.
  • Stack Washers & Dryers: Stack washer-dryers combos are the perfect piece of equipment for owners seeking small apartment laundry solutions because they take up half the space of traditional washing machines, while still providing great cleaning results. They also utilize less time, water, energy, and other resources thanks to their fast extraction speed.

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