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5 Benefits Of A Trash Compactor For Your Business

Rising commercial garbage collection prices and adhering to new local laws governing commercial waste management are frequent challenges faced by retail establishments, eateries, and office buildings. Some advantages of getting a trash compactor for your business include combating rising costs, improving safety, and presenting an eco-friendlier brand image. We’ll explain more below!

Trash Compactors Improve Efficiency

An immediate boost in efficiency is one of the primary advantages of getting a trash compactor.

With a mobile trash compactor, you just need to make one trip instead of 15-20 to empty your trash cans. Your employees’ time is saved, and there are fewer chances for those inexplicable inventory losses.

Since the compressed waste takes up just 1/8 to 1/10 of the real space in your bins or storage spaces, your facility and loading dock areas can be used more effectively.

Trash Compactors Lower Operating Costs

Based on the reduced volume, using a commercial trash compactor can significantly lower your company’s trash disposal expenditures. Reducing garbage volume by up to 80% will have a significant impact on what you pay on pickup day because the majority of commercial waste collection fees are calculated by container size rather than weight.

Trash Compactors Improve Hygiene and Tidiness of Your Space

A garbage compactor not only lowers the cost of disposing of your commercial waste, but it is often self-contained, which minimizes leaks and odors. Since the trash is too densely packed for pests like insects or rodents to use as a food source or a nest, their prevalence is minimized.

Your facility will also look neater and better since your commercial waste is kept organized and out of the way of clients and visitors. Moreover, your trash handling and storage will more easily fulfill all legal standards and green initiative goals when the inevitable inspection day comes.

Garbage Compactors Improve Workplace Safety

With the press of a button, modern trash compacting machinery is safe, simple to use, and needs very little upkeep. They get rid of leaks and heaps of unsteady trash bags, which are ugly and can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. This also lowers the risk of back injuries that come with lifting heavy bags by hand.

Trash Compactors are Eco Friendly

These days, everyone is more aware of the importance of reducing commercial trash in landfills as zero-waste projects spring up across the nation.

A trash compactor can have one of the most direct effects of lowering the carbon footprint of your company and establishing an eco-friendlier brand. By reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, trash compactors make it simpler for businesses to manage recyclables and compostable materials.

Where to Get a Trash Compactor

Ambar Distributors can serve all your wholesale trash compactor needs! Our Whirlpool trash compactors are filled with advanced features that will aid your clients in handling their garbage disposal needs. They also come with state-of-the-art features, like a Clean Touch Console which allows simple cloth wiping in case of dirt getting on the exterior. The fit-for-purpose GE trash compactors are also great for use types, whether you’re a property manager looking to furnish a property, or a restaurant manager looking for a waste-management solution.