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4 Types of Commercial Washing Equipment to Choose From

There are many different styles of washing machines available in the market. They also come with many features unique to their designs. One particular type is unable to meet the various requirements of people, who mostly use commercial washing equipment as on-site facilities available in commercial laundry businesses, or at their own homes.

You can choose a piece of commercial washing equipment based on factors such as your requirements, easy accessibility, performance expectations, and affordability. Specifically categorized are four types of commercial washing equipment available in the market to choose from. Let us discuss those four types in detail before you make a decision.

Top-Loader Machine

Earlier, top-loading washing machines were more common than front-loading has become, which has become more common now. Top-loading laundry washers have a door at the top to put the laundry in. It is considerably easier to use as compared to many front-loading washers since you need not bend down to put your laundry into the machine.

These washers usually have a drum within with a trigger, which induces the action of washing. Due to its ease of use, it is the most popular type in the world. Having a top loader has many benefits, such as you have the control to pause the wash cycle to put forgotten items in, a shorter wash cycle, and high capacity for bigger items like duvets and sleeping bags.

Front-Loader Machine

In front-loading washing machines, you have to load and unload the laundry through the front door which makes it difficult if you work at an on-site laundromat. However, it functions more efficiently when it comes to saving energy and water usage with this type of laundry washer.

The basket on the inner is horizontally set in the front-loading machine, which makes it easy to function even without being completely filled with water. This commercial laundry equipment uses only about one-third as much water as compared to a top-loader washing machine.

Washer-Extractor Machine

Washer extractors are tagged industrial-level washing machines extensively used in commercial hotels and medical facilities. It has the potential to use lesser energy but extract more water than a regular washing machine.

It is occasionally called as side-loader because a door can be fitted to the cylinder cage’s end. After a wash cycle, laundry load is sent to a different hydro extractor system. The washer extractor is capable of continuous batch cleaning without wasting much energy and water in the process. Based on the designed model, in some cases, the laundry washed with this equipment may skip the drying process.

Continuous Batch Washing Machine

This type of machines is used as industrial level laundromats that perform laundry cleaning in high volumes. A large amount of laundry can go through cleaning process at regular intervals with constant output from soiling to drying.

These are also known as tunnel scrubbers. There are different compartments that solely perform each specific step of the washing, cleaning, and drying process. With this system, you have the ability to control chemicals, temperature, and immersion levels to customize the process of your loaded laundry cleaning.

Not all continuous batch washers are washer-extractors, but most may have capability for continuous loading.