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When Should You Consider Replacing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When Should You Consider Replacing Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Replacing commercial kitchen equipment can be very expensive. More often than not, the food service equipment will take up a huge portion of the budget. As a result, many commercial kitchens will require a strict guideline to ensure that the equipment is kept in tip-top condition. But if the kitchen equipment is used on a daily basis, naturally, the equipment will become faulty. At this point, you would consider replacing your commercial kitchen equipment. However, when should you consider replacing commercial kitchen equipment? Read on to find out more.


Safety is of utmost importance because faulty appliances are risky to use as they have a tendency to short-circuit, and this may cause a fire. Furthermore, you should also take note of bare wires, incomplete switches, and buttons that do not work anymore. One should notify the food service equipment company when one encounters these issues with the kitchen equipment. These safety issues are key indicators for deciding to replace the kitchen equipment. If you are looking for appliances that are safe to use and affordable, Ambar Distributors has partnered with WOODCOCKS Appliances. Check them out today.

Increasing Maintenance Costs

Many restaurants and kitchens operate for a long duration. If one uses faulty or run-down equipment, the equipment may be extremely inefficient. This may lead to greater costs of production, and lower returns. At worst, your maintenance and repair costs may override the costs of purchasing new equipment. At this point, you should consider purchasing new appliances. One way to decide whether to spend money on repairing your equipment or replacing your equipment is to calculate if the costs of repairs exceed the costs of purchasing a new set by 40% to 50%. Furthermore, inefficient equipment consumes a lot more electricity. You may notice that your utility bills have gone up too.

Lack of Spare Parts

If your restaurant uses old equipment, it may be difficult to find replacement parts if it becomes faulty. It may also be difficult to hire experts who are familiar with your older models. Hence, in order to save time instead of spending long hours combing the web for suitable experts or replacement parts, you should just purchase a new set of kitchen equipment. Note that costs do not only encompass monetary costs but time as well. Especially if you are operating in a restaurant where you have customers walking in and out every day, your kitchen equipment cannot afford to be faulty. In fact, newer models are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that helps you to save energy, and consequently, save costs.

Alterations in Menu Selections

As kitchen equipment starts to slow down and become faulty, no matter how skilled your chef is, s/he will not be able to produce the food items at their best quality. Imagine if your stove does not have a high enough flame, it will take much longer for meats to cook. This can slow down the rate at which food is brought out to your customers, affecting your overall restaurant business outlook.

If you are unsure about what to look out for when purchasing your new set of kitchen appliances, check out Ambar Distributors’ Knowledge Center for an easy-to-read guide! Contact us today for more information on our products.