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Popular Applications of Business Tablets

Popular Applications of Business Tablets

Did you know that when you step away from the desk, your productivity and creativity could increase? It’s true. How can you still do business while away from your desk? Answer: business tablets.

When you hear people refer to tablets, your thoughts may turn to Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 10, Blackberry Playbook, iPad, etc. The way your business operates, your work habits, and more can be quickly changed by the use of a tablet.

Let’s explore business tablets and some of the best ways in which they can be used.


You can make accounting better with a tablet. You can scan your receipts, send invoices, and issue estimates with your tablet. You can also manage accounting with QuickBooks, Outright, or FreshBooks on your tablets.

Time Tracking

With tools like TSheets, Timr, Toggl, and more, time tracking can be easily managed by employees. If your company bills your clientele based on hourly work, this function is particularly important. Time is invoiced appropriately and doesn’t slip through the cracks.


The process of tracking inventory can be made easier with a tablet. inFlow Inventory and Inventory Tracker are just some of the apps your tablet can use. No more taking notes in pencil. No more clipboards.

Edit and Create Documents On The Go

When you’re out of the office, you can still edit documents and create new ones, courtesy of your tablet. You can fuel the growth of your company anywhere, at any time.

Document Management

A tablet is just as good as a laptop or a desktop to access your documents in the cloud.

Digital Portfolio Creation

You can talk to a prospective client and show them your presentation – regardless of where you are. Digital portfolios on tablets are used by real estate agents and photographers every day. For better viewing, you can connect to a larger screen. Stunning presentations using a variety of apps can be done using a tablet.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

While in the field, you can retrieve and view customer information from your Sage or Salesforce data. What’s more, you can use services like Bump or Curdmunch to put data into your tablet.

Multimedia Training

Using tablets and mobile apps, your entire team can be trained in multimedia presentations.

Substitute Phone

If you load Google Voice or Skype on your tablet, you can add a Bluetooth headset to make and receive calls. Voila, your tablet is an Internet phone!


In restaurants, customers can view the menu and send their orders directly to the kitchen by using the restaurant’s tablet placed in front of them upon seating. But there’s more. Just by adding an Intuit, Pay Anywhere, or Square card reader to your tablets, payments can be accepted at festivals, farmers markets, trade shows, etc. on the go. Wherever your customer is, you can bring your new “high-tech cash register” right to them.

It’s time to update your business with tablets.

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