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A Checklist Of Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A Checklist Of Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Many restaurants are expected to serve and produce quality food to attract long-term customers. Many established and reputable restaurants use the best types of restaurant equipment that can operate efficiently. This is to help to save costs such as time and utility bills. With efficient equipment, you can be sure that your restaurant will continue to operate smoothly and meet endless demands from customers. This will help to keep your business going. In this article, we will provide a systematic checklist on the essential commercial kitchen equipment that you should have.

Deep Fryers

Almost every restaurant’s menu item will contain a fried item. If you sell French fries, chicken wings, churros, or tempuras, you will need a commercial fryer. Fryers will ensure that your food is hot and crispy, with a satisfying crunch. Hence, you should always have a deep fryer in your kitchen just in case you want to create a new fried dish for your customers to try.

Ranges and Griddles

There are many types of food that use a gas or electric range. And you usually need to cook multiple portions. In order to do so, you will have to buy countertop griddles, which come in all shapes and sizes. This will allow you to make varied, yet excellent pancakes, burgers, and eggs. Commonly used griddles are panini grills and hot dog equipment.


Every restaurant has refrigerators and freezers. These are essential appliances to ensure that your meats can be kept fresh. They also ensure that your drinks can be kept chilled. There are many types of refrigerators, starting from undercounter refrigerators to worktop refrigerators. If you are interested,  Ambar Distributors partners with WOODCOCKS Appliances, and our partner sells a diverse range of refrigerators that suit your needs. Regardless of your expectations or requirements for appliances, Ambar Distributors is your gateway to competitive pricing for these large appliances.

Bakeware and Cookware

You may need cookware such as woks, saucepans, and pots. These are necessary for your most basic menu items. If you own a cafe, you may require additional bakeware such as stirrers, baking trays and ovens.


Your kitchen operates with a team of skilled chefs. Hence, in order for the chefs to synergize their efforts and deliver quality food to customers on a rolling basis, they each need a workstation to complete the tasks that they are assigned. You will need reliable and durable worktables that are also spacious.


You will need a storage area for dry and common ingredients. For instance, you need to have a common space – an organized shelf so that you know where the salt, pepper and other condiments are. Shelves should be easy to install, and they have to be kept clean and tidy. You may want to consider shelves that have lockable wheels, so that it is easy to move the ingredients and condiments around the kitchen when need be.

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