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4 Drawbacks Of Using Domestic TVS For Businesses

4 Drawbacks Of Using Domestic TVS For Businesses

Having to find a television that is suited for one’s business may be a difficult decision due to the large variety of televisions. One needs to take some things into consideration such as its cost, functionality, and suitability. There are two types of television that are widely used: domestic TV and commercial TV. These televisions both vary in their usage and durability, thus, it is important to figure out which one will fit into one’s requirements for a business.

Data Security

Domestic televisions are able to access and store personal information that can lead to potential danger. For example, when someone is keying in private information into the television such as logging into their email or social media, their data is being stored until they log out. If they forgot to log out after use, someone else who is using the television next will be able to access into their data.

These TVs are usually created for home usage, as it preserves the data which naturally speeds up and improve the home user’s experience by making it more convenient. However, keeping such personal data poses a significant danger to guests staying in places such as hotels.


Domestic TVs are not fit for extensive usage – a vital requirement when using it in hotels as it will have to withstand the long-term usage from many different guests. Therefore, many television manufacturers will not approve any warranty repairs as many domestic TV brands have clearly declared that the warranty will be voided if utilized in any commercial environment.

In this way, using a commercial television is much better as it is specifically-designed for extended use in commercial environment such as hotel, retail, or medical industries. Additionally, businesses are able to repair a commercial screen more quickly, easily, and affordably because the commercial warranty typically also covers site visits.

Commercial Environment

Domestic TVs have limited settings and features specific to the hotel industry unlike commercial TVs. Thus, it is a clear decision of which type of TV to pick when it comes to using it for commercial purposes. There are many features in a commercial TV such as having volume, power-on and channel settings.

The commercial TV also allows the company to put its own logo or message and a menu OSD which displays interactive buttons at the start whenever it is switched on which shows the guest a sense professionality. TV systems are also available such as possessing the ability to operate various hotel TV systems, from brand-specific information management.


Pricing is a major factor when it comes to deciding on which TV to purchase however many hoteliers make a huge mistake of going for the low prices often associated with domestic TVs. These TVs, however, tend to deteriorate way faster than a commercial TV.

One should consider that even though the commercial TV is more expensive, it serves well and has way more functionality than a domestic one. Furthermore, the warranty that comes with purchasing it is also much better and reliable.

Thus, it is way more cost-efficient in a long run to purchase a commercial TV as it is much more durable than to invest in a domestic TV which will require numerous repairs and will ultimately incur substantially more expenses.