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Spotlight: Large Appliances At Ambar Distributors

Do you want to equip or furnish your commercial space with wholesale large appliances? If so, Ambar Distributors is where you need to be. Everything you need to keep your business operating efficiently is available from washers and ovens to refrigerators and dishwashers. We liaise directly with manufacturers, hence enabling us to secure factory-direct prices that let you enjoy massive savings in every appliance purchase.

Wholesale Washers

We carry an array of quality washer brands from well-known manufacturers across the industry. Depending on the capacity, style, and size of washers that you are looking for, you can select from our lineup of brands to suit your business needs. Some of the wholesale washers we carry at Amber Distributors are as follows:

  • Wholesale Frigidaire Professional Washers
  • Wholesale Summit Washers

Wholesale Dryers

Dryers are equally vital to support the smooth operations of a business such as laundromats, hotels, apartments, and others. Equipping your business with industrial-quality dryers can help you ensure the quality of customer service that you deliver to your customers. Some of the wholesale dryers we carry at Ambar Distributors are as follows:

  • Wholesale GE Dryers
  • Wholesale Maytag Dryers
  • Wholesale Electrolux Dryers
  • Wholesale Whirlpool Dryers
  • Wholesale Frigidaire Dryers

Wholesale Stoves

For restaurants, senior living facilities, hotels, and others that offer meal services, furnishing your business with first-rate stoves is one of the key factors to maintain daily operations. Based on the needs of your commercial kitchen, you can select the most ideal wholesale stove that can support your meal services. Some of the wholesale stoves we carry at Ambar Distributors are as follows:

  • Wholesale Amana Stoves
  • Wholesale Avanti Stoves
  • Wholesale Bosch Stoves
  • Wholesale Café Stoves

Wholesale Ovens

Another essential appliance for every commercial kitchen is an oven. It can perform various cooking modes such as baking, grilling, and even steaming. To offer variety to your kitchen staff, equip your commercial kitchen with high-quality wholesale ovens for work efficiency and time savings. Some of the wholesale ovens we carry at Ambar Distributors are as follows:

  • Wholesale Amana Ovens
  • Wholesale KitchenAid Ovens
  • Wholesale DCS by Fisher & Paykel Ovens
  • Wholesale Whirlpool Ovens
  • Wholesale Samsung Ovens

Wholesale Refrigerators

Refrigerator is a highly essential large appliance for every business. Apart from being used by staff to store ingredients, customers also make use of refrigerators for safekeeping of foods and beverages in hotel rooms, rental units, senior housing, and others. If you are looking for refrigerators from trusted brands that are known for their quality products, here are some of the wholesale refrigerators we carry at Ambar Distributors:

  • Wholesale Bosch Refrigerators
  • Wholesale Avanti Refrigerators
  • Wholesale Maytag Refrigerators
  • Wholesale Electrolux Refrigerators
  • Wholesale KitchenAid Refrigerators

Wholesale Dishwashers

Some people think that dishwashers just cater to people who are lazy to wash their dishes. This is not true especially for establishments where a large volume of dishes needs to be cleaned daily, such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and others. To ensure that your kitchen staff can work more efficiently and maintain high productivity, equip your commercial kitchen with a reliable dishwasher. There are many brands of wholesale dishwashers that we carry at Ambar Distributors to suit your individual business needs:

  • Wholesale Electrolux Icon Dishwashers
  • Wholesale KitchenAid Dishwashers
  • Wholesale Monogram Dishwashers
  • Wholesale Haier Dishwashers
  • Wholesale Maytag Dishwashers