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Your Guide To Choosing Commercial Microwaves

Your Guide To Choosing Commercial Microwaves

Commercial microwaves are an essential appliance in every household or business. They provide a fuss-free way of heating up meals or dishes since they can be done within a couple of minutes, helping you save time and effort. Microwaves also come in different price ranges and are energy efficient compared to ovens. If you are looking for suitable commercial microwaves for your kitchen, we have prepared a guide for you!

What are the Types of Microwaves?

Commercial microwaves come in different types which include light-duty microwaves, medium-duty microwaves, and heavy-duty microwaves.

  • Light-duty microwaves: They are about 1000 watts and are suitable for those who use the device less than 50 times a day. They are also great for warming desserts, soups, and reheating food dishes that have been left in the open for some time.
  • Medium-duty microwaves: They are about 1200 – 2000 watts and can be used up to 150 times a day. These devices are suitable for establishments such as cafes or coffee shops, convenience stores, and bakeries.
  • Heavy-duty microwaves: They are about 2000 – 3000 watts and can be used more than 200 times a day. These microwaves are perfect for catering companies, cafeterias, or back-of-house kitchens.

Which Microwave Size is Good for you?

Another factor to consider while selecting a microwave for your kitchen is the size of the microwave. Microwaves come in different sizes, which can range from 0.3cu to 1.6cu.

  • 3cu-0.8cu microwaves: These devices are perfect for small bowls, small saucers, mugs, and measuring cups.
  • 9cu-1.0cu microwaves: These appliances fit medium-sized saucers, bowls, and microwavable containers.
  • 2cu-1.6cu microwaves: These microwaves are perfect for regular-sized plates, bowls, and other small containers.

What are the Pros of Microwave Cooking?

There are several pros to using a microwave to cook your meals. Microwaves are known to be able to cook meals within a short period of time, allowing you to save time during cooking. They are also beneficial for larger establishments such as cafeterias or restaurants since they provide reheating options. Microwaves are also suitable for defrosting dishes, which can save both time and water since you would not have to worry about leaving your food under running water to defrost it.

What are the Cons of Microwave Cooking?

However, there are also cons to microwave cooking. This method of cooking can create uneven cooking and many dishes must be constantly stirred to ensure even cooking. Also, microwave cooking can cause rapid heating of the electrical appliance, which can meddle with the taste of different dishes.

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