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How should restaurant owners choose their digital menu boards? If you are unsure of how to do so, you have come to the right place! Click to find out more.

How Should Restaurant Owners Choose Their Digital Menu Boards?

Anything digital can be found at almost every restaurant. Digital payments, digital signages, and digital menus, just to name a few. We understand the frustration of constantly updating your menu, be it physical or digital. It can be expensive and troublesome. If you are unsure how you should choose your digital menu boards, you have come to the right place! Here is a guide to choosing digital menu boards!

What is a Digital Menu Board?

A digital menu board is an electronic way of displaying your restaurant’s menu. In most cases, they are attached to the walls to make it convenient for customers to view the menus. Some digital menus can come in QR codes too, where all customers have to do is scan the code on their phone to access the menu. These boards show customers what is available on the menu in big print.

Benefits of a Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards create engagement with customers. In our modern society, customers seek instant gratification and like the idea of not waiting long for their wants or needs. With digital menu boards, customers are able to engage with the menu of the restaurant from the moment they walk in as they are able to see immediately what’s available that day.

Digital menu boards also make it simple for customers to read since they provide a projection of what is on your menu. Customers are able to view its price and specialties in big font.

These digital devices are also essential for your business as they keep the line moving, helping your business grow and flourish. You would be able to attend to more customers since your line would move faster!

Cost of Menu Boards

As a restaurant owner, you could consider three different types of menu boards:

  • Traditional Menu Boards: Traditional menu boards require a few things, from the board itself to chalk and installation fees. These can come up to anywhere between $140 to $180.
  • POS-Integrated Digital Menu Boards: Like traditional menu boards, POS-Integrated digital menu boards also require a few items which include a TV, installation fees as well as maintenance or fees. These can start from as low as $500 in the first yea, and can go up to $1,300. It costs about $240 in subsequent years.
  • Premium Third-Party Digital Menu Boards: Premium third-party digital menu boards require installation and maintenance costs which can come up to $2,200 to $2,700 in the first year. It costs about $420 in subsequent years.

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