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Understanding The Differences Between LG Hospitality TVs and Consumer TVs

Understanding The Differences Between LG Hospitality TVs and Consumer TVs

When you go to a hotel, have you ever noticed that the television used differs from your television at home? Hospitality televisions are equipped to provide operational efficiencies such as remote managing a portfolio of screens and managing to check on the status of a room such as room availability. All these operational efficiencies translate to cost savings.

Another reason why hotels do not just purchase consumer televisions from a retailer and instead invest in a more expensive hospitality television is to maximize the guest experience as hospitality televisions are manufactured and designed with the different needs of the guests in mind. LG is the proven leader in the hospitality television industry and provides the best commercial-grade hospitality televisions with different designs and features.

Some examples are the razor-thin hospitality LG OLED Wallpaper television which incorporates the Dolby Atmos® sound, ultra-slim smart televisions, and the Pro: Centric commercial television. Here are some of the differences between LG hospitality TVs and consumer TVs.

Integrated Solutions

LG hospitality televisions offer integrated solutions and remote management such as easy creation of custom content, managing displays, and integration with signage software platforms. All this from the convenience of a centralized location. This is unlike consumer televisions whereby the settings would have to be manually changed in every television, thus resulting in inefficiency and time wasted.

Smart Applications

LG hospitality televisions also feature Pro: Centric hotel management solutions such as the customization of hospitality services through an RF and IP infrastructure. This management solution ensures enhanced connectivity functions and helps to increase convenience and guest entertainment.

Some examples include a customized user interface and an interactive service for guests. The centric direct solution feature of LG hospitality televisions is a hotel content management system that provides various solutions such as IP-network-based remote management, 1-click service, and simple editing tools. Hotel staff can thus easily manage all hospitality televisions while providing customized services for guests.


LG hospitality televisions are specially manufactured with commercial-grade components. This ensures the product’s longevity and that it lasts longer compared to a consumer television.

LG hospitality televisions also come with a free LG 5-star service that includes a 2-year warranty and post-sale services such as on-site repairs by certified technicians and preventive maintenance visits. Commercial televisions come with limited warranties such as 90 days which may be voided if the television is used in a commercial setting. Any cost of services such as repairs would also have to be borne by the hotel and the television usually has to be carried in for repair.


Consumer televisions cannot lock out guests and prevent them from altering the television settings. Guests’ particulars may also be saved on the television. However, LG hospitality televisions have lockable features to prevent guests from accessing the menu settings and disrupting picture settings. Any personal particulars are also erased after the guest’s stay is over.  LG hospitality televisions also include anti-theft systems such as a locked plate with anti-theft mounting hardware and a locked swivel base.

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